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Atomic Email Service allows you to send emails prepared in advance to subscribers on your mailing lists. You can go on vacation, cut off your Internet connection, or turn off your phone, and your subscribers will still continue to receive emails from you, and maybe use your services.

An autoresponder is an email or series of emails that is sent automatically. You create the text only once, adjust the settings, and your subscribers start to receive letters according to the schedule you’ve chosen.

A person visits your web-site in search of necessary information, and decides to subscribe to your email list. He enters his contact information into the subscription form and starts to receive letters from you, in a fixed order, at specified intervals. Our service automatically begins to send information according to your plan.

How to create a series of letters in Atomic Email Service

To create a series of letters, go to your Member area, then choose the tab “Autoresponders – Create an autoresponder”. Choose the type of subscription and fill in all of the necessary fields.

Pay attention to the fields “Sender's name” and “Message subject”. This information can significantly increase the number of people who decide to open and read your letters.

There are four types of autoresponders available:

  1. Subscription – email will be sent right after the recipient subscribes or is imported into the mailing list.
  2. subscription

  3. Email open – email will be sent only if a previous email was opened.
  4. email open

  5. Click on a link - email will be sent only if the subscriber clicked a link in a previous email.
  6. clik on link

  7. After sending a previous email – email will be sent after the previous email was sent. You can set the wait time between letters in the settings.
  8. previous email

Commission fee on a transaction is fulfilled by the payer

4.9 % commission of the transaction value, but not less than 1 %