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Email Addresses Blocking

Atomic Email Service automatically inserts an unsubscribe link in every your email message. We do this to avoid spam deliveries and safe users time. Reasons for a user's unsubscription can be reviewed in the sender's personal account menu toolbar.

Email Service automatically blocks email addresses whose owners opt to unsubscribe from receiving all your future email campaigns. There are two ways to unsubscribe:

  • The recipient can unsubscribe from specified sender and all his/her email campaigns. With this option, the number of sender's activated addresses is of no importance.
  • The recipient can unsubscribe from all the email campaigns sent via Atomic Email Service. In this case, the recipient's email address will be blocked and unsubscribed forever; it doesn't matter if anyone enters this address in the Address Book in future.

Email address blocking doesn't mean address the removal of the address from the mailing lists. All the Address Books stay in the original forms. You can find the reasons why users unsubscribed and the list of those who have unsubscribed under the "Unsubscribe reasons" menu item.

AtomPark Software guarantees the safety of any data transferred via Atomic Email Service, and the non-proliferation of any information about its customers and partners without their consent.

All unsubscribed recepients

All unsubscribed recepients

Unsubscribe recipients manually

Unsubscribe recipients manually

Commission fee on a transaction is fulfilled by the payer

4.9 % commission of the transaction value, but not less than 1 %