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Custom unsubscribe pages

Atomic Email Service provides you with an opportunity to create own unsubscribe pages.

What is "unsubscribe page"?

Unsubscribe page is the page with an unsubscribe form that is filled in by the client when he does not want to receive email messages any more.

All the unsubscribe links are created in your Atomic Email Service Member Area.

A new unsubscribe page customizing is done in "Settings/Unsubscribe pages" menu. Then it is necessary to write in the page's name (for the user) and the page's title (for the subscribers). Unsubscribe page unique design is created by inserting an html code to the page's header and the footer. You can also specify your company logo as a favicon but it is unessential.

While creating the unsubscribe page note that the recipient can unsubscribe from:

  • Current email campaign
  • All email campaigns

Only user can specify the choice for his clients.

Atomic Email Service supports as many unsubscribe pages as you need, but only one of them should be marked as a default. It should be moderated and activated necessarily. Then in every email campaign message the link to your unsubscribe page will be inserted automatically.

! If you neither specify the default unsubscribe page no create any unsubscribe link, Atomic Email Service will add its fixed service unsubscribe link to all of your email messages.

Your custom unsubscribe pages will not only increase the customer's loyalty but also rise up the percent of spam-filter pass-ability.

AtomPark Software guarantees safety of any data transferred via Atomic Email Service and non-proliferation of any information about its customers and partners without their consent.

Unsubscribe pages

Unsubscribe pages

Add a new unsubscribe page

Add unsubscribe page

Commission fee on a transaction is fulfilled by the payer

4.9 % commission of the transaction value, but not less than 1 %