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Common Settings

Common settings page

Number of threads is a number of simultaneously executed extraction processes. Having a decent Internet connection and fast computer you may increase this number significantly. The maximum number of threads is 999

The check box Use Log tells if the program should store the logs of the connections. Check it if you need resolve some problems. The logs are available for each domain separately when you double click on a domain in the list.

Timeout shows how long AWE will wait the proxy server response. The default and recommended value is 5000.

The group Stop Whois requests when found defines a rule when AWE should stop send whois-requests to different servers (if any). For example, .com zone now has 6 different whois servers. AWE knows all of them. by default, if tries to connect to the most important server and receive any information from it. If nothing found there then it automatically connects to another server. If first server returned only expiration date, but did not return e-mail address and country information then request to another server will not sent until you change a rule in Stop Whois requests when found group.

Proxy settings page

Here you should enter your Proxy servers details if desired to use it. You may use Socks 4/4A/5 or HTTP proxy servers.

Filter settings page

Some domain owners do not leave their valid e-mail addresses but use fake ones like or Whenever you enter such e-mail addresses in this window AWE will not export them (but they will shown in the main window).

Rotate Proxy page

If Use Rotate Prixy List is checked then Atomic Whois Explorer uses not one proxy server to connect but a list of them. You can add as many server as you need in the list. Use right mouse button to add, edit or delete the servers.

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