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Atomic Lead Extractor

Atomic Lead Extractor will help you create a quality database of cold leads that you can turn into hot by sending them emails, making phone calls or sending instant messages.

  • E-mail address, phone number, Skype and ICQ extracting
    Atomic Lead Extractor has a wide range of plugins for extracting different information types: phone and fax numbers, Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and AIM. The program extracts e-mail addresses numbers by default, but it also supports the search of other contact types. And you can export all extra information Atomic Lead Extractor has gathered only if you got additional plugins.

    Besides, when the search ends you are allowed to specify the contact type to display in "contacts" tab by selecting the necessary in "Filter/Contacts". It is the perfect way to filter a huge list of e-mail addresses when you need, for example, phone numbers only. Atomic Lead Extractor supports different phone number formats and extracts both international and regional phone numbers.

  • Refined search within a website
    Enter the address of a website ("New Search/Sites list") where your potential clients communicate and Atomic Lead Extractor will extract all the contact information for future emailing, messaging or phone calls. This is a preferred search method for creating a targeted contact list. Also you can upload the file with a list of website addresses.

    Start a New Search by entering URL into the hunt field and pressing "Start" button.
    You can specify the crawling depth in the additional search settings ("New search –> Step 2.") and select one of the following options:
    • All links
    • Scan current site only
    • All with crawling depth level (do not forget to set the levels deep and domain detection).

  • Keyword search
    Enter the keyword related to your niche and Atomic Lead Extractor will use your preferred search engine(s) to find sites that show up for that keyword. Then it will visit each of the websites and scan them for any contact information. You can refine the scan depth in the settings: it can spider only the home page, pages that are linked from home page (usually “contact us” page is one click away from the home page) or go to pages that are linked from those pages.

  • Plugins
    Atomic Lead Extractor extracts e-mail addresses and phone numbers by default, but the software can also search for other contact types. The saving of extracted information is available if you get additional plugins: for phone and fax numbers, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ plugins and Skype extraction.

    The program supports plugins developed by AtomPark Software, other companies or your own created plugin.

  • Proxy support
    Atomic Lead Extractor connects the Internet without using proxy by default. But search engines and some sites limit the number of simultaneous queries from one computer and while you should be ok with default settings you can use the program with proxies ("Common Settings/Proxy"). Enter manually or upload the list of proxy servers for the software to use them.

  • Multithread search
    Atomic Lead Extractor works in multi-thread mode so the data is extracted very quickly. Set the number of threads on specifying the extraction limits.

  • Search engine settings
    Atomic Lead Extractor supports 39 search engines, 8 of which are selected by default ("Search engines").
    The user can change the list of default search engines by selecting or creating another one. Atomic Lead Extractor accepts both modified and created scripts and searches for contacts on all kinds of websites.

  • Filters
    Atomic Lead Extractor allows the user to manage the list of URLs and some typical folders that will be excluded from search process ("Common settings/Filter URL").
    Besides it is available to filter by document types:
    • Scan all files (there are no exceptions for search)
    • Exclude this file type (you can update the preset list)
    • Scan this file type only (you can update the preset list)
    Filter usage improves the search process and allows scanning more files for the less time period.
    MIME-type filter is also available and allows you to exclude unnecessary files and block their loading, thus reducing the process time and the size of downloaded information.

  • Search limitations
    Specify the quantity and time parameters for e-mail address extraction. This affects the speed optimization and productivity of the program's work:
    • maximum documents from one site
    • maximum documents during scan
    • contact limit
    • maximum size of scanned documents.

  • Black list
    You can block search by some websites and by direct links to search engines. It is possible by creating black lists of domains and websites ("Common settings/Black list"). The user just needs to insert the list of sites and domains which will be excluded from parsing.

  • More features
    After the program ends the search you can filter the contacts:
    • by a keyword
    • by a contact type
    • by domain (remove all with equal domains)
    • by country (remove all from the same country)
    • by the link (remove all from the same webpage)
    Besides, Atomic Lead Extractor provides you with an opportunity to apply the following options to the contact list: delete duplicates, delete suspicious, copy or delete the contact.

  • Expanded log
    The expanded log is available during a search process. It contains two tabs – "Contacts" and "URL" – and the right menu where the statistics are displayed: the number of URLs found, URLs processed, contacts found and the total time elapsed.

    "URL" tab displays the list of processed webpages, the number of found URLs and extracted contacts according to each scanned webpage. The user can review any webpage from the processed ones by using the context menu.
    "Contacts" tab displays the list of extracted contacts, owners’ names (if included) and the link to the page where the contact was extracted from.

  • Export Wizard
    Atomic Lead Extractor allows exporting the search results to the following programs: The extracted data can be also saved to the clipboard and text file.
    You have an opportunity to save both extracted contacts (all of them or filtered) and URLs (scanned, not scanned or all of them). The separate document is generated for each data type: one for extracted contacts and one for URLs.

  • Full integration with other Atomic products
    Transfer the collected email addresses from Atomic Lead Extractor to other Atomic products by pressing one button only. Use extracted e-mail addresses for: You do not need to save the results to separate files bewaring the data loss. Please notice that Atomic Lead Extractor exports e-mail addresses only to other Atomic programs.