Atomic Whois Database

This product is no longer available. Please check out Atomic Whois Explorer and create your own database.

Atomic Whois Database Features

  • Categorized database
    Atomic Whois Database is divided into the groups by the top-level domains each of which is categorized in digital and alphabetical order into the corresponding groups.
    You select the necessary group and Atomic Whois Database displays all the domain names from this group. Apart from the registered domains the program shows their additional information concerning the domain user, date of registration, etc.

  • Search inside the database
    Atomic Whois Database allows searching for the specific domain name among all the extracted information. The search criteria are defined with the help of corresponding button.
    The search can be done by extra or partial data match. Besides, the search field (column) must be also specified. You define the search operation ("starts with", "contains", "not contains", etc.) and set the value for an unknown quantity. Atomic Whois Database will complete the task and display search results on the separate page tab.

  • Database management
    Atomic Whois Database supports flipping through the pages and provides you with an opportunity to control the number of displayed rows on a page. You can also view the data list from the end or the beginning. You are capable of choosing only 250 rows from the 1000 for reviewing, considering that it can be 250 rows from the beginning of the list or the last 250 rows - from the end.

  • Data export
    Atomic Whois Database allows you to specify the necessary fields (columns) and define the total number of rows for exporting. This is a user-friendly feature that allows you to save only the necessary information, including the names of exported fields.
    You can export the list of domains names into the *.csv and *.xls files or the clipboard.