3 Email Content Tips for Beginners and Non-Professionals

    by Paul Shuteyev
    email-marketing-contentHi guys, Hope you're doing great! Many of you are email marketing professionals, experts and gurus, but still some of you may just have started email marketing career. When I started this 4 years ago it was so hard to follow tons of new information, new strategies, tips, tricks and more. There is so many information on email marketing on the web and it's really hard to find out the right one to start with. That's why I would like to provide you with 3 email content tips that will be useful for beginners and non-professionals. Please enjoy!
    Write to a single person. You might be sending your mailing to thousand-subscriber list, but they are not reading it all together. That's why it's important to make your mailing look personal as if you are speaking to him or her directly. Try to visualize that person and imagine his or hers needs, wants, fears, etc. This will help you in making your mailing more personal and more effective.
    Don't push. You will not read a mailing that contains of a call-2-action only, and neither will your subscribers. Probably the best rule, or formula, is 80:20 - this means you have 80% of useful and interesting information in your mailing and just 20% of call-2-aciton and offers.
    Make sure your text is worth mailing. Just because the text is 500 characters long and has good call-2-action it doesn't mean it's worth mailing. Make sure every mailing of your is special. There is a rule that from-address, subject line and the first sentence of your email are the most important and help your readers to make a decision - to open the mailing or not. Make sure they are perfect, and this means there is a reason to write more texts and more call-2-actions, because email is opened and now you need to keep readers' attention. But perfect from-address, subject line and intro is the must.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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