10 Must-have Elements of Perfect Welcome Emails

    by Paul Shuteyev
    welcome-smile-signHey guys, Hope you're doing great and feeling nice! You know how important first impression is, and first impression for all your subscribers is a welcome email - the first email they receive from you after subscribing. This is where their journey from the lead to the sale begins and your duty is to make your subscribers feel comfortable, informed and happy. This is why I would like to provide you with must-have elements of the perfect welcome email. I will try to make it short and easy to remember. Let's start, enjoy! 1. Body and Subject line personalization - make it look personal 2. Sign up reminder - remind your subscriber a source of registration (email, website, co-registration, store, etc) 3. Set frequency expectations - your subscribers must know when to expect your mailings, this will increase your open-rates. 4. Provide your subscribers with the access to your archives with old posts, information, guides, etc. 5. Let your subscribers easily unsubscribe 6. Ask your subscribers to add you to safe-sender list and always-allow images from you - this will increase open-rate and click-through rate 7. Give your subscriber a special welcome offer - bonus, discount, free shipping, etc. He's your guest, show respect! 8. Tell your subscriber how to refer a friend - if your info is important to him, hi will always share it with his friends or colleagues. 9. Have a season-welcome-messages few times a year - a good reason to remind about yourself, not just your offers, and provide your list with special offers. 10. Always have a chains of emails, do not tell all the info in one message. 7.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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