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    TOP 4 Mobile Email Marketing Myths, + 4 Tricks’n’Tips Packages

    by Paul Shuteyev

    mobile-email-marketingHey Guys,

    Hope you're doing great! How many of you have already started mobile email campaigns along with the ordinary email campaigns? Some of email marketers feels that it's really enough with "just normal PCs and browsers" and some of email marketers really want to expand their market and move to the next marketing heights, for example mobile email marketing. But all of us have heard few popular myths about mobile email marketing, and these myths may sound scary or stupid - but still some marketers may hold their mobile email campaigns because of these myths. And that's bad, we need to bust these myths right now!

    Mobile is only for large corporation's emails. Sure big companies may get there first because they have the resources, but mobile email is no longer a choice because your competitors will begin to format for mobile devices—if they haven't already—and that means you must, too.

    Mobile email design and programming is easy. Well, it's not so difficult, neither it is simple. You should search for some mobile email design tips and tricks, and also search for some mobile email marketing how-to's. This will really help you in starting your first campaigns.

    Here you can find some mobile email tricks'n'tips of mine -

    • How to Design Emails for Mobile Email Campaign – Distinctions Between Mobile and PC Recipients
    • Top Mobile Email Design Techniques, plus Statistics
    • 7 Quick Mobile Email Marketing Optimization Tips
    • Top 9 Mobile Email Marketing Techniques – Reach Mobile Users with Your Email Newsletter

    Focusing on iPhone users only. It's true that iOS devices currently account for 85% of mobile email opens, but Android claimed nearly half of the smartphone market in 2011. Your messages need to render on all major platforms.

    It's hard to track mobiles emails and results. Wrong. Most smartphones use a mobile email client, Schneider notes, like MailDroid, Apple Mail, or GMail, and open rates, clickthroughs, and the like are trackable.

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    Paul Shuteyev
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