Do You Run Legal Email Campaigns? Top 9 Aspects to Check!

    by Paul Shuteyev
    law femidaHey guys, Hope you're doing great! Email marketing is a great and the greatest tool to promote your products and services, but only if you do it in the right way. The most tricky question in the email marketing niche is the legality question. Each country has its own rules for email marketers and you need to be sure to follow them to stay white-hat and legal. Reputation means so much in email marketing, that's why I would like to provide you with the list of top 9 aspects to check your email campaign legality with!
    1. Opt-in: Do you send opt-in messages only?  Certain countries require senders to obtain opt-in permission, so as many of email marketing services and email providers.
    2. False or misleading subject lines: Do you send email messages with false or misleading subject lines? Laws may not allow companies to send email messages with false or misleading subject lines.
    3. Clear way to opt-out: Do you provide your recipients with the easy way to opt out of receiving the email messages? You need to have a clear and easy-2-use unsubscribe link or method for all your email messages. It's SPAM if your recipients can't easily leave your email list.
    4. Proof of opt-ins: Do you have proofs of opt-ins and do you store them securely? Some laws may ask you for a proof.
    5. Monitoring of the reply-to address: Do you monitor your reply-to email address and respond in less than 24 hours? This is an essential email marketing aspect in some countries.
    6. Valid postal address: Do you have a valid postal address in your email messages? Laws of many countries say you need to have a valid postal address mentioned in the end of each and every email message you send.
    7. Unsubscribe method: Do you provide your recipients with additional unsubscribe methods (for example - phone, direct email, fax)? Some laws require sender to provide recipients with more than 1 way to unsubscribe.
    8. Harvesting/Extracting: Did you extract or harvest your email list? Some countries have restrictions on using harvested or extracted email addresses.
    9. Privacy policy: Do you display a privacy policy in your email messages? Some countries ask to link to a privacy policy, which says how data are stored, managed and edited, also how secure your data management is. It's also necessary to mention how recipients can change their personal data and how their data will be used.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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