4 Ways to be Your Subscriber’s Best Friend

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Smile-smiley-face-smile-signFriends are one the most precious things in our life. We just can't imagine ourselves without our friends.  So are email marketers - they can't imagine themselves without their subscribers, and it's extremely important to treat your subscribers as they would be your friends, as this is a gold of Email Marketing kingdom. I would like to provide you with 4 ways on how to make and save friendship with your email subscribers. Let's start! 1. Personalization. You should always know the name of your subscriber, and it's even better to know his occupation or any additional info you can get, as it looks nice when you call someone by name and have the information he's really interested in. This also helps in creating separate email lists that are interest-targeted, even if the niche is one, interests may vary! 2. Be consistent. Some of our friends send us tons of messages, some are silent for months. Be different - stay in touch with your email susbscribers consistently - do not over load them with your messages and information and don't disappear for weeks :) 3. Be laconic. Include only the most important information in your emails - there is no need to write ten pages and then in the end of the message include one call-2-action link. Try to include all your message in 500 letters. 4. Know your friend. You should know when to contact each of your subscribers - i.e. Friday evening is the worst time to contact corporate partners or B2B customers, and the middle of the week is the best. Just imagine you are a subscriber and determine what is the best method to stay in touch with a subscriber like you. Do this for all your subscriber groups and email lists.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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