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Mobile Email Marketing 2011 – Tips, Tricks and 5 Best Practices

Smartphone of 2010/2011[/caption]

Hi friends,

Hope you’re doing well! Year 2011 is coming. What will it bring? Seasons are changing, markets are changing – and we need to prepare some special techniques to remain stable and successful in 2011. Let’s talk about Mobile Marketing, not SMS/MMS/BlueTooth, but just mobile market and mobile email marketing this time.

50% of Americans will have Smartphones by December 2011.

Smartphone Market Statistics, End of 2010

Mobile Email Marketing – 5 Best Practices 2010/2011

1.) Design

  • Single column layout
  • Short, to the point
  • Link to a static page online

2.) Components

  • Larger graphics with calls to action

3.) Subject lines

  • 4 words ~ 21 characters (front load most important information first)

4.) Send times

  • Not as sensitive any more as emails are checked several times a day, almost instant response

5.) Use of QR codes

Mobile Email Marketing 2011 – Tips, Tricks and 5 Best Practices
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  1. Great tips Paul, I couldn’t agree more the huge increase of smart phone use here in the UK too has made a massive impact on how people approach email marketing.

    Email marketers have to be even more careful on how often they hit their database lists as the constant buzzing of a phone makes it all the more easy to click the unsubcribe button!

  2. Jackqueline Breitmeyer

    I stumbled upon your blog by chance. Really informative post

  3. This really answered my problem, thank you!

  4. Great article. Where did you get the smartphone stats in the pie chart??

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  6. Your blog never ceases to amaze me, it is very well written and organized.

  7. you have got some great colors in that concept of yours. is this a wordpress blogging site?

  8. Yes, it’s wordpress. Thanks for a kind words about our design!

  9. Oh my goodness! great mobile marketing tips!

  10. Thanks for such a great mobile marketing tricks! Your site isnt only informative and also very artistic too. Keep up the truly amazing work !!

  11. Android marketer

    I agree with your Mobile Email Marketing tips and strategies!

  12. I am lucky that I noticed this email and mobile marketing blog, precisely the right info on mobile marketing latest tips. Thanks!

  13. Thanks for such a laconic and useful mobile email marketing techniques Paul!

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    • Hi Neil,

      Thanks for your comment! Hope you’re doing great!

      Actually it’s kind of an impossible to keep your published content only to yourself, so all authors can do is search for their re-published articles and get in touch with the webmasters to discuss this. Some ask to delete the post, some ask for a back-link. I’ve faced this as a re-publisher and as an original author. The best thing is to monitor your articles and making friends with more webmasters, I guess. Hope I helped!



  17. Kristen Antonovich

    Wow! Nice tricks, yet can somebody annotate precisely what he meant by last part?

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