Mobile Email Marketing 2011 – Tips, Tricks and 5 Best Practices

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Smartphone of 2010/2011

    Smartphone of 2010/2011

    Hi friends, Hope you're doing well! Year 2011 is coming. What will it bring? Seasons are changing, markets are changing - and we need to prepare some special techniques to remain stable and successful in 2011. Let's talk about Mobile Marketing, not SMS/MMS/BlueTooth, but just mobile market and mobile email marketing this time. 50% of Americans will have Smartphones by December 2011.
    Smartphone Market Statistics, End of 2010
    Mobile Email Marketing - 5 Best Practices 2010/2011 1.) Design
    • Single column layout
    • Short, to the point
    • Link to a static page online
    2.) Components
    • Larger graphics with calls to action
    3.) Subject lines
    • 4 words ~ 21 characters (front load most important information first)
    4.) Send times
    • Not as sensitive any more as emails are checked several times a day, almost instant response
    5.) Use of QR codes
    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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