Atomic Email Hunter expands the boundaries of search — Facebook Email Extraction Plugin

    by Anastasia Sukhareva
    For a long time, Atomic Email Hunter has been used as a key component of an effective mass mailing campaigns. This is a unique tool that provides clients with the high-quality customer database. The program is aimed to extract email addresses with usernames from web pages.

    Facebook Email Extractor

    Today the total number of Facebook community is officially 2 billion people. So, it’s a high time to conquer new “places”! Special for this purpose our web-developers have made a new Email Harvester plugin — Facebook Email Extractor. Atomic Email Hunter has become a powerful Facebook email scraper. Now you can find a huge number of potential clients on Facebook pages. It’s really easy:
    • Just start the software, click the Facebook plugin button and log in to the social networkfacebook plugin
    • Then you can find people and their contacts using the buttons "Find people" and "Get emails"facebook plugin login
    •         Fill in the search criteriaemail search options
    •   And as a result, you receive actual data about a personfacebook email extraction results
    As a result, you’ll get not only email address of the Facebook page owner but also his name, job, company website, information about previous work, etc. Try a new version of your favorite program first!


    Expand the possibilities of your email marketing with Facebook Email Extractor of Atomic Email Hunter!
    Written by:
    Anastasia Sukhareva
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