What is more profitable for mass mailing: software or web-service?

    by Anastasia Sukhareva
    general-traffic Latest research from Giagom shows that the most effective marketing tool is mass mailing. According to their data, 86% of marketers send email daily. Among them, 56% think that this is the most productive tool for promoting advertisement campaigns and companies. After all, mailing conversions are 5 times higher than social media, and it exceeds the indication of media-advertisements by 1,5 times. Let’s all agree, the results are worthy. However, to send all emails manually is tiring, it wastes a lot of time and requires patience. Especially if the contact list has more than 10,000 recipients. To ease contact with clients, there’s a variety of online services and programs for bulk email sending. The real dilemma is: how to find the right choice out of the wide assortment? To know more about email marketing - Top 6 Everyday Email Marketing Mistakes with Solutions

    Price Policy

    Buying the service for sending emails, you pay for the product once, additional purchases are made only if you need an upgrade. Sometimes, web-services offer free plans and pro-packages which you need to pay monthly. But are web-services really cheaper than programs? Let’s consider an example: you have 5,000 subscribers - it is 20,000 monthly and 240,000 messages per year. Price Policy Price Policy As you can see, a number of subscribers in the distribution lists of the program are unlimited but subscriber count in web-services is dependent on the tariff.


    Important: whilst using web-services for email marketing, you need to know that subscriber’s data is stored on third-party servers. Therefore you need to be ready to face the risks of losing your contact database or theft without further recovery. Likely problems don’t occur if you install a program for sending mass email because all of the data is stored on the computer and only you hold the responsibility for its safety.

    Availability and functionality

    Work with the program always starts off with its settings and set-up. Most people stop on the first step which they associate as a “Problem”. It’s not worth it. Software developers thought everything out in advance, maximally simplifying the installation process. For example, Atomic Mail Sender both a built-in SMTP-server and a setup wizard for SMTP-server, which is integrated with the program and obviously simplifies the process of setting up the system. A big software plus- ability to control the mailing process. By setting up the necessary settings, you can regulate the speed and quality of the sent emails. However, web-services do it automatically. For work with web-services like Smartresponder, eSputnik, SendPulse or Mailchimp, is enough just to have a browser. You don’t need to install additional applications. After registration and a few clicks, the client is open to all of the features and advantages of their chosen service. Among other things, programs can boast a more advanced functionality: insertion of spin-text, which is generated by the program, spam-test with a SpamAssassin filter and lots more. For correct program set-up, you can always ask customer service for the help. Operators are online for 24 hours for 7 days a week. Online-chat, email, call. Choose any method that’s convenient for you and be free to ask questions. You will be pleasantly surprised by the operative responses of our specialists at any time of the day.
    In conclusion, we can say that for people who don’t want to fuss with the settings, setting-up and choice of SMTP, web-services are best. But if you are used to controlling business-processes and understand software features, a program like Atomic Mail Sender will simplify your work and save money. In any case, if you aren’t sure what to choose — software or service, it’s best to first test it out. Recently, the demo-versions were a software advantage. But in the conditions of severe competition web services made free trials too. So, it all depends on your preferences. Choose and use only the best for your business!
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    Anastasia Sukhareva
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