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How to check email addresses: basis points

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For those who still hesitate whether you need to check emails before sending newsletters… For you who want to sort through non-existent addresses… For customers who still have no idea the way Atomic Email Verifier works and what is the profit to own this software…

If you are engaged into email marketing, you create a customer database, constantly replenishing it with new contacts and subscribers. This process doesn’t just take a month or two – not even a year. This process is regular and constant. Now imagine that your customer database is maybe 5 years old. Your very first customers may have gotten rid of their email addresses a long time ago, or maybe they got new ones due to previous ones becoming full or sluggish.

How do you find these outdated contacts? How do you avoid mailing non-existent emails?

  • 3 verification levels
    The program validates the domain, confirms existence of the specific email address on the server, and whether its format follows the rules of standard Internet mailing systems.
    Value: you gain the opportunity to work with each verification level individually as well as to activate all of them at the same time which means you can quickly get your customer database up to date.
  • Verification via Facebook
    Using just your client’s email address, Verifier is able to check whether they have a Facebook account.
    Value: you gain access to all the data from the client’s personal page that is available to the program.
  • Stand-alone operation mode
    Simply upload the list of addresses into the program, click “Check” – and you can go on with your day. Verifier no longer requires your participation and will carefully analyze email addresses, presenting, as a result, the status of each address (whether the mailbox exists, is it correct, and so on).
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Nowadays marketers keep coming up with dozens and dozens of new email marketing methods and rules. Sometimes these methods vary depending on the country, the target audience or the scope of a business. However!

There is a mandatory rule, one that is unavoidably repeated at every, and any, educational conference. This is a rule that any marketing expert will remind you of:

“Your distributions will only really work if your mailing lists are clean!”

Why? Because a client database that has been kept up to date means:

  • You save time and money by not having to send emails to nonexistent addresses
  • You get clear and accurate test results when exporting to excel and other formats
  • You are protected from getting blacklisted due to a large number of delivery errors

Atomic Email Verifier is designed to be your essential tool for email marketing and keeping you far from sending newsletters to the invalid addresses. Imagine that there are no bounces, no delivery errors and a good open rate – verification software help you to be succesfull.

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Written by: Daria Ivanishina