The Open Rate Killers: 3 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Strictly Avoid

    by Daria Ivanishina
    sms You gained a solid base of subscribers, created a gorgeous series of letters and the desired "output" did not happen? The simplest action is to drop everything, thinking that email marketing is not for you. But let's look at it from another side. Your emails not being opened may be due to making one or more of 3 mistakes. Shall we check? marketing mistakes

    1. You don't segment your audience

    There is little sense in mailing "all."  If you're not segmenting subscribers, you don't understand what they're interested in. Therefore, your emails are ignored. According to statistics, even the simplest segmentation is able to increase your open rate by 14.4%. Divide subscribers into segments according to criteria:
    • Place of residence;
    • Gender;
    • Age;
    • Interests;
    • Buying behavior.
    To get to know your readers conduct a simple survey, asking them in return for a gift (discount or bonus). This way, you will get real tips on what topics will be right on target, and you will also be able to generate an additional list of active readers. email list cleaning

    2. You don't use email list cleaning

    If you do not weed out "dead" addresses and remove inactive subscribers from your database, your email open rate will be distorted. It may be that this is the case:
    • People receive your letters, but they aren't interested;
    • Your emails end up in the spam file.
    Create a list of active readers using email validator and get permission from them to receive your emails. 43% of email users send emails to the spam folder if they don't know who is sending them. By the way, if you want to know more about email verification we recommend you to read article “How to check email addresses: basis points”. email validator

    3. You don't care about your sender reputation

    This point echoes the previous one. The service with which you send your newsletter will periodically check to whom you're sending emails, how often and if your recipients complain. It will also check to see whether your emails are opened and whether the links in them are clicked. All this determines your reputation and affects the deliverability of emails. Your reputation is safe, if:
    • Subscribers can confirm their subscription and unsubscribe at any time;
    • You send newsletters only to active readers;
    • The subscriber may customize the number, type, and frequency of receiving emails.
    If any of our subscribers is not interested in receiving our newsletter, they can unsubscribe at any time. Do you give users such a possibility? Finally:  Write a clear topic, do not be lazy about knowing your audience better, send them current "fat" content to intelligently interact with the database, and monitor its reputation.  After all, it makes them open your emails.
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    Daria Ivanishina
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