How to create email template: Guide against errors

    by Daria Ivanishina
    You have the subject, you have a list of subscribers’ email addresses, and you have a tool to send email messages… What else do you need to do email marketing and send pretty good newsletters? I say – you need branded email templates. Your Atomic Mail Sender is an email distribution platform with tools to create email marketing newsletter in a skillful way. However, before you spring into action, I suggest you the main highlights of email templates. Tip 1. Change your content, even if you’re just running a test. Naturally, you’ll want to check out how well the software works and you’ll be enthusiastic to send out your first email to yourself, your friends, or colleagues. After firing up the program, you will see the standard email template. Resist the urge to send this as a test email! Thousands of Atomic Mail Sender users that have done exactly that and, as a direct result, these unedited emails began landing directly into Spam folders. This can result in a negative impact on your reputation as a sender and can be easily avoided by making some basic changes.   Tip 2. Be careful not to send a blank email. To those just beginning to get to grips with email marketing, this is a very common mistake. While this doesn’t impact you when you’re sending test emails from your own personal accounts, always keep in mind, the principles of using email distribution software differ significantly from emailing via a web interface. More specifically, I’m referring to the performance of spam filters on email servers. If you are using the desktop version of our distribution platform, the probability of an email landing in Spam folder is higher if you have incorrect software settings.   Tip 3. Work that footer Your email footer should always include your contact information, the company’s phone number, and website at the bare minimum. For many e-mail servers adding the physical address of your company in an email is a good indicator which can significantly increase the percentage of deliverability. What are the other essential elements of an email footer? Firstly, an explanation for the user as to why they are receiving your email. If they are subscribed to your newsletter, you should definitely remind them. If you are simply updating your clients on company news, indicate that they are receiving this letter because they are a customer of your company. It’s as simple as that! Secondly, include an unsubscribe option. Some email marketers insert an unsubscribe link at the beginning of the letter. I believe that the customer needs to be given the opportunity to read the message till the end and only then decide whether they want to unsubscribe. Please note that the email has to implement a simple ability to unsubscribe that does not require insertion of a password or registration. Let’s not make it a quest. The software provides you with two options to unsubscribe: via email and via the form on the website. The choice is all yours.   Tip 4. Use text replacement tools to create unique emails If you look at the email template in the software workspace, you’ll probably notice that many of the words are highlighted with a dotted line. This is the so-called spin-text. It means that these words that will be replaced by synonyms predetermined by the user. For example, {I’d like to tell you | I’ve got something for you| Good news!} What is the advantage of this function? Well, we know that spam filters can block messages of the same size and with the same exact content. Using spin-text, you create unique email templates that have minimal differences in vocabulary and size, but essentially contain the same exact information. Use this trick to create an email template and you can significantly improve the ration of emails delivered straight to inbox.   Tip 5. Pay attention to the templates Nowadays, plain text emails aren’t exactly the most comme-il-faut option on the market. Your emails should at least have a template, even if it’s pretty simple. Remember, beautifully decorated emails are much more enjoyable to read, and there is a high chance that it is a combination of your template, your email, and your company that will become most memorable to the customer. How to create email template? Atomic Mail Sender includes ready-made professional designer templates (New -> New from templates). I’d like to remind you that even if you are sending a test email, you should still change the standard email text in our template. Ready-made templates include all mandatory elements of a professional email, as well as a few variations of the internal content. If you couldn’t pick a template of ours that you like, you can easily find free email templates on the Internet if you simply search for “free email templates”. In this case, you’ll need to copy and paste the template code to the “HTML code” tab or load up the template you found from the “Open” menu.
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    Daria Ivanishina
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