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7 Ways to Find Leads That You Are Ashamed Not to Know

seven ways to find leads

Lead generation is an integral element of your lead management, a marketing tactic aimed at finding potential customers with specific contact information. Actively used in the consumer sector, and focused on strict target groups, it’s an effective tool for potential customer search.

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How to find emails: Best email scraping practices 2020

How to find emails

The email list is the ground of an email campaign. Collecting email addresses isn’t a simple task for both newcomers and professionals. Finding emails becomes harder each day. In this article, we’ve collected the best tips for searching for email addresses. Read the article and collect emails without any problems!

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How dangerous is your email database? Caution toxic!

How to check the validity of datebase?

The Email database is a fundament of a mass mailing campaign. We prepare the test to help you to check whether your email list is high-quality. Furthermore, we give some tips how to improve it.

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Bulk SMS for a Startup: How to Organize Business Promotion from Scratch

start sms business

Sending SMS helps the business to quickly interact and convert the target audience into customers, which is approved by 20 years of experience in the Atomic SMS services.

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What Was Happening to Email Marketing During 2020?

email marketing in 2020

We have inquired with marketers about the 2020 email marketing highlights & challenges. Which changes were brought by the pandemic, and what the mailers changed? If you’d like to find out what 2020 email marketing trends will more likely to prevail in the next years then read this article!

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In Search of Inspiration: The Best New Year Email Messaging Samples

blog_20_2_Монтажная область 1 копия 158

Why should emails have a unique and effective design? It’s simple: if your competitors have learned how to create engaging content, you also need something special to attract the user’s attention. Design is a great tool to do this and supreme your competitors.

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Marketing Horoscope 2021

marketing horoscope

The Year of the White Metal Ox will soon come and hit. Unlike the cunning Rat, the Ox is hardworking and reliable, which means 2021 will bring significant professional sphere changes to everyone who’s hardworking and persistent. So, marketers, be ready for a new fruitful year.