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    Holidays and Celebrations 2012 – Marketing Calendar. 5 Tips Included!

    Hey guys, Tomorrow is the St.Valentine’s Day – day of love for all the lovers and the challenge for the marketers. If a marketer is in love, then it’s a double challenge, huh! 🙂 Today I want to post a Holiday and Celebration calendar of 2012, originally published by GetResponse. This calendar is made to help marketers to plan all kind of promotional activities – all the holidays, events and celebrations are divided by months, seasons, etc. You will find the calendar below, but now I want to provide you with few tips that will help you to run any […]

    Getting Leads in 2012 – Tips and List of Lead Generators

    Hi guys, Hope you’re doing great! We all know how leads are important – this is one of the most precious things in E-marketing. You should respect leads, as this is your key to mass sales. Today I would like to provide you with 6 lead generation tips and a list of lead generators. Hope this helps! I will keep it short and easy-2-follow. Lead generation tips: 1. Understand what your ‘perfect’ prospects want, and provide them with that Find out what kind of info are interesting to your prospects, what do they need to make a purchase. This is […]

    Made a Mistake in the Email Campaign? Top 6 Tips on How to Save the Situation.

    Hi guys, Hope you’re doing great! Let’s talk about mistake this time, email marketing mistakes. Human factor remains human factor and everyone can make a mistake in the email marketing campaign. This could be wrong discount %, wrong offer provided to your list, grammar mistakes, and so on. We learn from mistakes so it’s OK. But it’s good to know how to react when a mistake appears. Here is the list of Top 6 Tips on how to save the situation after the mistake’s made. Check your “Do-Not-Reply-To” inbox. Your subscribers will often respond to your Do-Not-Reply email if they […]

    Back to the Roots in 2012 – TOP 15 Lead-Generators that Work Best

    Hey Guys, Hope you’re doing great and had great NY party! Usually I discuss trends and modern techniques in the beginning of the new year, but this time I would like to return to the roots, the basics of digital marketing – Leads. We all know how leads are important – that’s the one of the most important things for all the internet marketers and their businesses. Before inventing the new ways to generate leads (by the way – our new Lead Extractor software can do it automatically!) please see the list of Top 15 Lead-generators that work best. And […]

    Sending Bulk Email Messages to Harvested or Bought Email Lists

    Hi guys, Hope you’re doing well! Many of you asked me about the legal aspect of sending bulk email messages to harvested or bought email lists. Does it fit CAN-SPAM act rules? And the answer is YES, you can send your bulk email campaigns to lists you have harvested, crawled, bought, or whatever-that’s-not-opt-in, because here are main rules the CAN-SPAM act consist of: 1. Email Header provides true info about the email content and is not misleading. 2. Subject Line provides true info about the email content and is not misleading. 3. You provide email recipients with an opt-out link/method/opportunity. […]

    11 Tips to Maximize Your Christmas Email Campaigns

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! Christmas is coming and we all know how important this time is for all kind of marketing channels, and email marketing is not the exception, even more – it’s one of the best marketing channels to use for Christmas marketing campaigns! I will tell you how you can use Christmas-niche to boost your email marketing campaigns. 1. More opportunities to build your lists. Christmas time is a gift time – just offer gifts to each and every person who subscribes to your list. Have a special sign-up offer for receiving Christmas discounts. Have a […]

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