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    The Great Set of Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer: Part I

    Google Chrome has earned the trust and love of millions of users, including mine. We like it for its concise design, simplicity, and efficiency. But the greatest power of this browser is in its additional features – plugins, extensions, etc. With the help of which you can transform the program into a full-fledged mini-office, where everything will work for you. In this article, we will talk about top  Chrome web-store extensions, which will be the great assistance to the Digital Marketing Specialist and all those who work online. Chrome extensions for Sales and Outreach Outreach is a digital marketing type of […]

    Lead generation to drive sales

    Hello guys, Hope you are doing great! Today I would like to talk to you about sales. Beyond all doubt, lead generation is the fundamental basis of all sales. In simple words, lead generation is the practice of soliciting contact information from potential customers.

    InfoGraphic – So You Want to Start a Business?

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! One of our readers and subscribers created  this useful Infographic I want to share with you. This one shows the company registration and business starting process. This may be interesting to young entrepreneurs, small business owners and money makers. Please enjoy! P.S. Thanks Aldo!

    How to determine the $value$ of your email subscriber? Formula included.

    Hey guys, hope you’re doing great! Some say that each $1 spent in email marketing earns more than $40 in sales, and some say that each subscriber earns you $1/month. On the one hand these are good numbers, but on the other these are sooo average – that’s why you can’t tell how does it work and look for your own email marketing business. I would like to provide you with some good info from Forester Research – they published a formula which will help you to determine the value of each and every email subscriber of yours. Please see […]

    Top 4 Tips on How to Convert Email Subscribers into Sales

    Hey guys! Hope you’re doing great. All the marketers, and especially email marketers, fight for the subscribers. Sure subscribers are a very important part of the sale process, but it’s really possible to make tons of mistakes trying to convert your email subscriber into a sale and lose him before the actual sale. I would like to provide you with 4 tips on how to avoid such mistakes, this will also help you to convert subscribers into sales. See below and enjoy! 1. Show him the way. It’s good to provide your subscriber with the clear path of actions that […]

    Good Oldies: 2 Best-Known Email Chain Strategies That Really Work

    Hey guys! Hope’re you doing great. We all know how many email strategies appear nowadays, but very few of email marketers can follow them instantly and switch their campaigns to all these brand-new strategies. As a marketer and email marketer I really understand this, that’s why I want to provide you with 2 best-known email chain strategies that worked always and will always work because these are basics of old-school email marketing. Please see below and enjoy, found them myself today in graphics and want to pass it on!

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