Creating a Better Email Call-2-Action, Part 2

    by Paul Shuteyev
    call-2-actionHey guys, Hope you're doing great! As you probably noticed I post many article on call-2-action and on how to make it better. This happens for a reason. Email marketing shows good results these days and it's still one of the best direct advertising tools - 13 years passed since it became global. We face the time when email marketers have huge lists, good mailing software and services, and it's time to optimize deeper aspects of email marketing, like call-2-action. This became the most important question of modern email marketing. Let's continue with more tips on how to optimize email marketing's call-2-action and make it better! 1. Buttons. Instead of many links leading to your landing page better put one shiny button and one link that may be used if a recipient's email client has any problems with displaying images. Sure your button should be designed in a corporate style and look good. Also don't just use words Click Here, but have something more informative on your button, like Receive a Free Demo. 2. Language. Be confident an straight to the topic, think of a corporate style - make it sound interesting and polite. 3. Urgency vs. Rush. You should create a sense of urgency by using words Now or Today, but don't rush and push your recipients to do something. Make them believe your offer is unique, not just a cheap sell out. 4. Stay modern. Use latest industry news and trends to engage your recipients. This will make you look modern and experienced. Be sure to include some latest statistics to prove your words. 5. No distractions. Avoid using too many banners, buttons or images. Make sure your recipients will notice and understand your call-2-action. 6. Right email marketing provider. It's good to choose an email marketing provider that offers basic email design features - this will make it a lot easier to edit your mailings, insert social widgets, buttons, etc. For example, latest Atomic Mail Sender has an advanced social widget tools along with an easy-to-use visual and html editor that allows you to create custom email design within minutes. It comes with a large library of email templates, button and call-2-action designs and much more. Oh, and it also has unscubscribe link creator and advanced statistics module.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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