Email Marketing Trick – How to Use Symbols in Subject Line

    by Paul Shuteyev

    Hey guys,

    Hope you're doing great! As you know the best technique is the underused one. There are so many techniques and tips on how to make your email campaign better, and most of them are overused and not so effective anymore. The real luck is to find an underused email marketing technique that will boost your email campaigns. I would like to talk about such technique today - I mean subject-line symbols. Symbols in subject line are the great way to catch subscribers' attention and make them open your emails. I will provide you with few tips on how to use this great technique. Let's start!

    symbols 1. Choose the right symbols and the right time. It's really important to pick the symbol that really fits your company style and the occasion. Using so overused heart as a symbol in a St. Valentine's-related subject line is not a great idea :) 2. Choose the right place for your symbols. There is no sense in placing your subject-line symbol to a place where no one can notice it. The best place is at the beginning of the subject line or near the beginning, so it's a very first thing your subscribers notice. 3. Pay attention to symbol's style and design. Some symbols look good with a large font, some not. For example, symbol with lots of small details can look good with a large font and on the big screen, but it will look terrible on a phone or tablet PC. 4. Test on different platforms. Some symbols renders good on iPhone and looks bad on Blackberry, some symbols looks great on Gmail and some not. Test different symbols with different platforms and email clients. 5. Don't overuse them. Symbols lose their effectiveness if recipients see them all the time. Use symbols for very special campaigns only. Respect this technique and it will pay you back with increased open-rates and click-through rates!
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    Paul Shuteyev
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