TOP 9 Methods on How to Turn Visitors into Email Subscribers

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Hands-upHey guys,
    Hope you're doing great. I would like to provide you with more email list building tips. This time it's about incentive methods that will help you to boost your email list and make your subscribers and visitors happy. Actually they will be happy to leave their emails and that's what you really need, as this is one of the main ways to get good and niche-related emails which will have great conversion rate in future.
    Method 1:  Free Reports - free report should be product or service related, this is how you can kill 2 birds with one stone - have an email address, and a lead that's interested in your product or service.
    Method 2:  Free eBooks - good ebook is the greatest source of knowledge, that's why it's one of the best things to reward your subscribers with.
    Method 3:  Free Newsletters - regular source of useful information, what can be better. This is how you will gain only niche-related subscribers - your newsletters should include useful niche-related techniques and tips.
    Method 4:  Downloadable Articles - this could be the great option if you have tons of articles on your blog or website. Just offer your visitors to download the whole article-pack in exchange to their email address.
    Method 5:  Surveys - a win-win scheme: you receive visitors' opinion and their contact, and they receive total statistics regarding this survey, delivered to their email address.
    Method 6:  Free e-Course - just like the ebooks or downloadable articles, but you provide them with the exact e-course this time. Knowledge is power!
    Method 7:  Free Downloads - this can be a tool, piece of software(trial), graphics, research, anything. People like receiving something for free, and leaving email costs nothing. Use it!
    Method 8:  Contests - run contests to receive visitors' emails - just ask your visitors to download something useful and leave their email,  and then promise them gift. Another win-win situation - they have valuable content for free, they have a chance to win something valuable (or something that looks valuable - e-course, special ebook, discount, etc) and you have their contact. Sure you need to run the contest honestly.
    Method 9:  Members Only Access - probably the most popular method of getting visitors' emails. Ask them to register and grant them with the member-only content.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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