Top 5 Easy Email List-Building Tips

    by Paul Shuteyev
    email list-buildingHey guys, Hope you're doing great! As we all know there are tons of ways to build your email list, many of them are easy-2-understand and some of them are really tricky, that's why it's not so easy to keep them all in mind. I would like to provide you with the Top 5 easy-to-understand email list-building tips, that really work and are easy to implement. 1. Paste your opt-in link to email and forum signatures. This is the must have, it will take just few minutes to paste your opt-in link to email and forum signatures, and all you'll have to do is post more topics, answer other's topics, etc. 2. Use your blog to promote your opt-ins. Include your opt-in link in posts, have your opt-in form on website (top-right position is the best one). 3. Advertise your opt-in link in classified ads and e-zines. Put your opt-in links to classifieds and private/public e-zines. This requires minimum investment (minimum, if e-zines are private ones, and no investment at all if you use public ones). 4. Give away free subscriptions to private networks, communities and organizations. You can provide special communities and organizations with your opt-in offer, sure you should provide them with niche-related info, offers and tips/techniques. 5. Collect subscribers from eBay auction pages. You can include opt-in link in eBay auction page, this should lead to the page with more info regarding your product (images, descriptions, conditions) and this page should also contain your opt-in form.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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