Email Campaign on Steroids or Mass Gainer for Your Email List

    by Evgeniy Kralich
    To be or not to be. The sustainable success of your marketing campaign depends on the e-mail list you create. Always remember that a business thrives on repeat customers. Once you make a sale, this is where your real task begins. You have to create a connection with your customer right there, and adding him/her to your e-mail list is the best way to do that now-a-days. Do you know that, according a research, the average return on investment on an e-mail marketing campaign is $44.25 on every $1? This makes e-mails one of the best marketing tools. Moreover, according to a recent survey conducted in 2013, 56% of the total businesses are planning to increase their e-mail marketing efforts in the next year. So why shouldn’t you? The first step is to build a high-quality e-mail list for your marketing campaign. There are several methods to do that, but you need to maximize your results with the right set of techniques. Following are 6 very useful tips on how to build a quality e-mail list – not your regular one.

    Ask Permission

    Keep A-Knockin but You Can't Come In access-granted There is a myth that aggressive e-mail list-building can improve your marketing campaign, but the truth is far from it. As a matter of fact, non-permission-based email marketing can actually hurt your campaigns significantly. A recent study suggests that 77% users prefer to respond to permission-based e-mail marketing. If, on the other hand, you somehow trick your users to exchange their e-mail addresses, you are not likely to hold them for long. Furthermore, users instantly decide to unsubscribe from non-permission-based e-mail campaigns. So the tip to building a quality e-mail list that actually responds to your mails is to seek their permission first. For those of you who've been gathering emails the old hardcore way, you might want to learn more about permission marketing. You may know by now that our bulk email sender gives you all necessary tools to make unsubscription process fully automated without any effort involved on your part. Since it's pretty much obligatory to make unsubscription possible for the recipient, almost all decent email sending services have this feature available by default.

    Don't Loose Your Existing Customers

    You never know the value of what you have till you lose it Bank-Safe As mentioned earlier, your existing customers are your biggest assets. To have a user who is genuinely interested in your products, and who have already paid for it once, is a great benefit. As a successful marketer, your job is to make sure that you have a connection with your customers. Having their e-mail information is a great way to start with. How to build your e-mail list with existing customers? There are endless answers to that! Based on your specific niche and industry, you can come up with a lot of innovative ideas. For example, if you have a food restaurant, a feedback form with an e-mail requirement is a great method. If you are a local business, offer your customers a 25% discount on your different products. Moreover, mention that these promo codes will be sent to their e-mail addresses and they are required to give that information if they are willing to avail that offer. In the last example, do note that you are not only creating a connection with your customers, but you are also doing it with the permission-based marketing tactics. Your customers will be willing to exchange their e-mail addresses with you.

    Let People Take Your Stuff for Free in Exchange for the Email

    Grand Theft Email gaming-grand-theft-auto-five-concept-art-3 It is a very common tactic to use in the online world, and it is one of the most effective methods to build an e-mail list. The concept of a free giveaway is really simple. You give a free report, e-book, a white-paper, etc. in exchange of the user%u2019s e-mail address. You ask them to fill in their username and e-mail address into the subscription box, so you could send them their free report. If you are a blogger on a technical niche, you have the biggest chance of attracting more subscribers with the free giveaway method. Write a 15-50 pages report or an e-book that your target audience would find helpful, and give it away for free in exchange of their e-mail addresses.

    Distill Your Social Media Followers into Susbsribers

    Email marketing conversion begins with distillation d32e6d5f Your social media websites have highly targeted audience. You have already gathered them at your social media pages, and now you can also add them to your e-mail lists. For example, with a little customization to your Facebook page, you can add a custom tab for sign-ups. Moreover, you can also give away a product/report/e-book for free at your social media pages, in exchange of your reader's e-mail information. Although this method requires a little customization and technical-editing to your social media pages, it is an effective tool to convert your social media audience to your e-mail connections. We can call the process of converting your Facebook followers into email subscribers "email distillation".

    Run Contests: The Winner Takes It All

    Challenge Accepted mortal-kombat-4 Running contests is another effective method to build a high-quality e-mail list. However, an important thing to remember is that the reward for your contest winner must be relevant to your niche. This is to make sure that you only attract highly-targeted audience, which will respond to your e-mail marketing campaigns in the future. A good technique is to give one of your products as a reward to the contest-winner. This will not only strengthen the customer-bond, but your products will have free marketing as well. Most importantly, during the entry process, you will require the e-mail addresses of your contestants.

    Send Unique Newsletters with Unique Content

    Top secret. Do not open. 9cdd9ade Although it requires a bit more effort on your part, creating and sending unique newsletters to your e-mail list can significantly help in building a quality e-mail list. Most bloggers and internet marketers just deliver the same content in their newsletters to what they post on their blogs. However, a good tip is to give something additional to your subscribers. For example, tell them that they will be receiving 10 unique blogposts, articles or guides per month via e-mails, apart from the usual content of your blog. When offered additional content for free, most users will prefer to sign-up with you.


    We've come a long way, baby Regardless of what road you've decided to take and what conclusion you've come to, remember, that email marketing is here to stay and it isn't going away. Read about email marketing trends for 2014 and decide whether you want to take a nice fat piece of that pie yourself that lots of other marketers are having as I speak. There is a difference between an e-mail list and a quality e-mail list. Quality does matter over quantity. If your subscribers are not gathered the right way, you will end up investing a lot of time and money, without getting your just rewards to cover up your marketing expenses. It is one of the main reasons why so many e-mail marketing campaigns fail. Follow the above-mentioned tips to build a high-quality e-mail list, and it will give your marketing campaign a significant boost.
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