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My Kids Safety on

Internet Bad Guy

Internet Bad Guy

Are my kids safe while using – I bet you asked yourself this question many times. I can honestly tell you – you can’t be sure… Here are some must-do techniques for you and your kids!

There are a lot of teens who are using MySpace. Individuals over the age of 14 are eligible to use MySpace so as a result there are many teenagers who are members of the online MySpace community. These young members may appreciate the opportunity to express their creativity, express their feelings, meet new friends or stay in touch with their old friends but they should also be aware that there is the potential for danger on any Internet community. Making kids aware of this is helpful but there is also a certain degree of parental involvement which is necessary to keep kids safe when they are online.

Enforcing Household Internet Rules

Kids who use MySpace, or the Internet in general, should be restricted to a few household rules regarding Internet usage. Putting these rules in place can be very helpful in reducing the potential for danger. Some of the general Internet rules parents might consider are:

* Do not post full name and address online or even school location. This will help to prevent stalking which could become a problem if online predators know where your child lives or go to school.
* Restrict Internet usage to specific hours during the day. This can prevent overuse of the Internet.
* Do not agree to meet online friends in person without consent. Ideally the parents should also accompany their children on these meetings and should ensure the meetings take place in a well lit, public location such as a coffee shop as opposed to a secluded spot such as an individual’s home.
* Do not respond to threats or harassment. Kids should be taught to ignore this type of behavior and report these instances to parents or the Internet service provider instead of responding to the threats. Responding to threats or harassing messages can exacerbate a potentially harmful situation.
* Internet usage should be restricted to high traffic locations in the house. For example kids should only be allowed to use the Internet in computers which are in locations such as the family room or kitchen as opposed to allowing kids Internet access in their bedrooms.

Monitoring Online Interactions

Parents whose children have a MySpace account should monitor their child’s online interactions on a regular basis to ensure these interactions are not potentially harmful. Parents should be particularly concerned when children are interacting with older individuals who engage in activities which are not appropriate for the child’s age or when the children are interacting with those who might be a negative influence on the child.

Parents should also be aware that those their child is interacting with may not be honest about their identity. For example a parent may think it is harmless for their 15 year old daughter to engage in flirtatious banter with a 16 year old boy but there is the possibility that her online friend is really a much older individual. Parents should monitor these activities for suspicious behavior or suggestions of meeting in person.

Reviewing the Terms of Service

Finally, parents who want to keep their kid safe on MySpace should familiarize themselves with the online community as well as the terms of service and privacy policy. This will give the parents a better idea of the type of activities their children are engaging in and being exposed to as well as the safety precautions which are in place to help you protect your child

My Kids Safety on
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Responses (11) on "My Kids Safety on"

  1. Going to show it to my daughter. This article is such an educational one, Zakk, I like it.
    As I remember you don’t have kids, but you know, I’m scared when my children chat with strangers… you follow?

  2. MySpace is dangerous


  3. monitoring online interactions could be the best way to watch your children internet activity, am I right?

  4. first off, website administrators should watch all suspicious activities to prevent pedophile acts, harassment and so on, I guess.

  5. Yes Mr. Ssang,

    Show it to your daughter, this will help, I guess

  6. You are right PF,

    Parents must know everything abt their children internet activities

  7. Gratis Film Downloaden

    Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

  8. Sure this will work, just don’t forget that you’re responsible for your kids :)

  9. Do you want to actually KNOW what you kids are doing online? Check out Concerned Parents Canada.

    I guess it would work for finding out what a “suspect” spouse is doing online as well, but the main focus is to understand and prevent any dangerous online behaviors before they cause harm to your children.


  10. nice parenting article & interesting information, I will revisit this blog