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    Proven Tips How to Develop Successful Email Drip Campaigns in 2023

    by Tiffany Harper

    drip emails

    A drip campaign is a good way for brands to send special offers and specific information to a target audience without spending the whole day monitoring these communications. Email drip campaigns are several automated email campaigns with a specific order for them to be sent after they’re triggered by a particular user’s action while progressing through the customer sales funnel. 

    These email campaigns are created so that they can nurture prospects and leads naturally over some time. The email content that the subscribers receive is pre-planned and relevant to the subscribers’ specific needs. This gives the brand a higher chance of conversion than they will get with a regular email campaign. Email drip campaigns have a click-through rate that's 300% higher and an open rate that's 80 percent higher than the single send emails. 

    That’s how effective email drip campaigns are. So, if you are looking to set up a drip campaign and be successful with it, here are five proven tips that you should try out. 


    Establish user behavior

    The success of drip campaigns depends on predicting user behavior when creating emails to move the customers through the different sales funnel stages. You won’t be able to create a successful drip campaign if you don’t have an idea of or can't predict how your audience reacts or behave. Creating a specific and targeted campaign at them becomes impossible, so you won’t get the desired results. The good thing is, you know your customers and audience better than anyone else. 

    To understand the behavior of your audience, you have to monitor and track your analytics. This way, you'll see different patterns and visitors’ movements using your website through the funnel. Some of these metrics include regular visitors, unique visitors, people that subscribed to your email list, abandoned cart rates, etc. 

    As brands are always trying to do all they can to retain their subscribers, they generally set up drip campaigns to reach out to them whenever they take a new action. 


    Know the different funnels

    To be successful with your drip campaign, understanding the conversion funnel is very important, but much more, how you will get your audience to move through the funnel. Customers that are further down the funnel are close to purchasing your product or service. 

    You can split your sales funnel into four different stages: awareness stage, interest stage, desire stage, and action stage. 

    The audience at the funnel top is just getting to know your brand. People at this stage need to get some educational information from you about your product and business. Providing this information to them is a simple way to get their attention. You can do this through blog posts, videos, webinars, social media, and your website. 

    In the second stage, they start to pick up interest in what your brand has to offer them. They begin to know more. At this point, you should send them more free content that will be useful for them. 

    Then they start to desire your product and service and could start researching it. It is at this stage that they will likely subscribe to your email newsletter after their research. 

    The final stage is where they take the action that you need them to. At this last stage of the funnel, they purchase your product or service. They are now paying customers of your brand and have gone through your sales funnel. 


    Map the different drips

    It would help if you mapped out the different drips in your campaign. This ensures that your specific target audience gets the right content. A drip campaign’s primary purpose is to send emails based on what the recipients need mostly. This is why this step is essential. Once you know your audience’s behavior, this becomes easier as you can predict their behavior on your website. 

    You can take your drip campaign in several directions. According to an essay writer, there are different user behaviors, with each of them having a type of campaign that's appropriate for them. 

    New subscribers

    People that newly signed up for your emails should receive a warm welcome to the community. This helps to familiarize them with the brand as they feel embraced and welcome. 


    Frequent visitors

    All websites and blogs have people who frequently visit because they love the website's content but are yet to make a purchase still. You can push them to this by sending an email to them with an irresistible offer as part of the drip campaign. You could offer a free trial for your service or a discount on your product.

    One-time visitors

    These are users that subscribe to your email list then go missing in action. Sometimes you need to remind these subscribers of your emails and the content that you have on offer. Doing this could convince them to be more proactive and willing to engage your business. 

    Abandoned cart shoppers

    Almost everyone has done this at some point before. People load online carts with products they want to buy and then exit before completing the purchase. Businesses can still reach out to them with an email drip campaign and see how they can still make that sale. 


    When people decide to unsubscribe from your emails, you can still win them back with one last email. You could send an email to try to convince them to reverse their decision. If you craft this well enough, you could win them back. Some brands use loneliness and similar emotions to get users to reconsider unsubscribing. 

    If you are looking for the best result, running regular A/B tests in your drip campaign is essential. This helps you to compare different components at the same time to help you get more conversions. You should test things like subject lines, engagement levels, click-through rates, open rates, and other metrics. Sometimes, little things like your CTA can affect your conversion rates. 

    In your split test, you should only split test one component at a time. This is how you determine the effectiveness of that component or metric. You know what will bring you more conversions and what causes fewer conversions. Then you can make changes to your campaign accordingly.


    Monitor the analytics from your campaign

    It would help if you tracked the analytics of your email campaign. This will help you determine how well you're performing with your drip campaign and your subscribers’ response. This way, you'll know what part of your email marketing strategy you need to optimize to get higher conversion rates and increase your email subscribers. 

    While there are numerous metrics involved, you must track the following for your email drip campaign:

    • Click-through rate
    • Open rate
    • Unsubscribers
    • New subscribers
    • Bounce rate
    • Conversion rate

    Understanding your campaign’s analytics is essential for understanding the impact people have on your site to help you create a successful drip campaign to make the most ROI. There are several email tracking tools that you can use to keep an eye on your email analytics. You only have to choose the right one for you. 


    Examples of Drip Campaign

    Amazon upsell offer:

    drip email

    This is an effective drip campaign from Amazon because of several reasons: 

    • It is relevant to the target audience.
    • It is goal-oriented. The goal here is for the recipient to subscribe to unlimited Amazon Kindle.
    • Urgency: the inclusion of a deadline will trigger a sense of urgency coupled with FOMO. 
    • Steps to claim the offer means that the recipients know what to do and how to do it.
    • Significant points are highlighted boldly. This makes it catchy and more effective. 


    drip email sample

    If you go to the Airbnb site searching for accommodation at a location and exit the site before taking any action, you will likely get this email in a few minutes. The goal is to make you complete an action. These reasons are why their drip campaign is effective:

    • It is relevant to the recipient.
    • The suggestion of additional option: quitting the site without taking action may mean you don’t like the option you have.

    So, this email includes other options based on your preference. 

    drip suggestion



    One of the best things you will do for your business’s success is to set up a good email drip campaign. However, beyond just setting up a campaign, you have to set it up for success. An advantage to this is that it helps you save a lot of time organizing emails that your business sends and the recipients of each email message. These drip emails are designed to target different audiences and are specific to each one. So the content of each email caters to the audience’s needs and increases the chance of a conversion. In order to create a successful email drip campaign, this article contains proven tips that you can use. 

    Written by:
    Tiffany Harper
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