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4 Tips on How to Use Images in Email Marketing

Cute dog and catHey guys,

Hope you’re doing great! We all use images in our email messages. Images are great attention-catchers and it’s extremely important to use them the right way. I would like to provide you with 4 tips on how to use images in email marketing. Let’s start!

1. Size matters! It’s good to stay in touch with your ESP and this is the time to ask your ESP about the limits of image size and weight. See, some ESPs compress images that are too big or weight too much – all this affects the quality of the image and the total impression of your message.

2. ALT-texts. Some readers do not turn images on, that’s why it’s good to use ALT-texts. Don’t use just ordinary alt-texts you may use for SEO needs. Imagine this is the only alternative to image and use your ALT-texts as call-to-action. Make them sound good and catchy! You will profit from this either a reader turn images on to see the image or just follow the link to see the offer.

3. Link to a WEB version of email. It’s good to have a link that leads to a WEB-version of your email message. Sometimes it’s impossible to see images, this may happen because of an error or because of bad email client. It’s a good practice to have a link to a WEB-version of the email. Just make it sound like “Problem viewing images? Click here for a WEB-version”

4. Do not create entirely image-based emails. This is still an actual email marketing mistake. Sometime you open an email and all you see are squares with red crosses. Sure I don’t allow images from all the senders, and this means I will definitely miss this email, even if this wasn’t a scam or spam. Make sure your email looks informative and useful without images.

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Written by: Paul Shuteyev

I am an internet-marketing specialist.