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Best Email Tracking Tools for Marketing

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Email tracking tools

The widely spread practice of email tracking is essential for successful and productive email marketing.

Today, this smart technology is used by nearly every online business, from the web design company Bilberry to the essay writing service Essay Shark. And, in order to learn to utilize this efficient practice, a marketer primarily needs to have some good email tracking tools that help them handle one of the most demanding problems of email marketing – finding out is the recipient got the message or not. And having these cool tools at hand is only a matter of knowledge.

Yes, knowing what tracking programs are worth using is what defines your success with email marketing. In this regard, we have handpicked top email tracking tools for you to take note of!

Track an email

This ground-breaking email tracking program enables users to see whether or not the recipient received their message and when exactly it was received, and how many times it was opened. This app also allows you to set notifications for the emails you track, launch automatic tracking of the messages you sent, which prevents you from wasting time on tracking important emails individually. Providing its email tracking services in all the email clients that can function with the Chrome extension, MixMax gives users an immense range of opportunities.

Pricing Packages: Starter – $9, Small Biz – $24, Growth – $49, Enterprise – contact the support center to get to know the price.

Tracking an email

Yesware features amazing functionality, providing users with the complete spectrum of email tracking options. With this app, you can track who, when, and how many times opened your email. This program also enables real-time notifications for the emails you track and allows you to see the history of tracked emails through its Activity Feed feature. You can filter your emails by categories such as “Not Opened,” “Recent Activity,” and, lastly, “Opened but not replied.”

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Pricing Pro – $12, Premium – $25, Enterprise – $55

Emails tracker

Aside from tracking emails, this innovative service provides you with the statistics of email campaigns. It gives you the complete information about the email you sent, including opens, click-throughs, when it was opened, and if it was opened. To get started with Atomic Email Tracker, you don’t need any complex technical knowledge in how to work with email tracker, all you are required to do is follow a number of straightforward steps and get results from one of the industry’s most accurate and widely used email tracking tools! The features this program gives its users:

Pricing Atomic Email Tracker – $12.85 per month

  • unlimited email campaigns;
  • 10 detailed reports;
  • the complete data about the recipient;
  • unique action tracking.

Emails tracking

How about receiving an instant alert informing you that your message was opened? Sounds like a great feature to use. This popular email tracker has you covered – as soon as the recipient opens your email, you get to know when it was opened, how many times, as well as where exactly the recipient opened it. With this handy app, you are also able to track your message engagement, which is quite a useful feature, too.

Pricing Gmail Starter Plan – $27, Gmail Closer Plan – $45, Outlook Starter Plan – $27, Outlook Closer Plan – $45

It’s a Wrap!

How did you like our hit parade of the most well-developed and effective email tracking tools? Being armed with even one of the apps we have covered here will double your chances of having a successful email marketing campaign, and bring your business a few steps closer to becoming the industry’s leader. Make sure to keep in mind the essentials of email tracking we have provided in this article!

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