Words that Boost Email Open Rates (plus TOP 6 Tips included)

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Hey guys, Hope you're doing great! We all know how good subject lines are important, and that it's a real art to prepare a good one for your email campaign. I've stumbled upon some statistics I want to share with you. I have TOP subject-line words that drive best results and open-rates for Hubspot and Mailchimp users. I will try to keep it short and easy-to-follow. Let's start! TOP words that boost email open rates for Hubspot users are:
    • secret
    • e-sales
    • awesome
    • skills
    • ebook
    • helpful
    • shipping
    TOP words that boost opens for Mailchimp users:
    • posts
    • jobs
    • survey
    • week’s
    • e-newsletter
    • issue
    • digest
    I would like to provide you with additional tips on most successful words to include in your subject lines. I've compiled these tips from different sources and I believe this will really boost your email campaigns. Please see below!
    1. No Question Marks
    If you ask me a question in your subject line, I will answer it in my head and just move on. Maybe I will not delete your email or report spam, but I definitely will not open it.
    2. Helpful Words.
    We all like words like Improve, Skills, Successful, Better, Tips, Tricks, Techniques. Why? Just because we are curious and we want to become better, smarter and stronger - we always want more information. These words are real boosters.
    3. Secrets
    We all love secrets, secrets bring the great knowledge. Even if we know everything in the niche we will wait for a secret-content to check what the secret is.
    4. No #
    This isn’t Twitter. This is an email. :)
    5. The "&" Sign
    This makes your recipients think you have so much awesome content that you need to save space and use "&" instead of "and". Really!
    6. No thank you
    Just like with the questions in the subject lines. If you thank me in your subject line - it's nice, but I will move on as I'm already satisfied with your email, without opening it. So better thank subscribers in the end of your email :)
    Best Words for Email Subject Lines

    Best Words for Email Subject Lines

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    Paul Shuteyev
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