7 Steps of a Good Email Message

    by Paul Shuteyev
    message in the bottleHey guys, Hope you're doing great! As you know it's not so easy to prepare a good email message, even if you have a focused topic to talk about. It's always hard to make your email laconic but informative and catchy. That's why I have prepared 7 steps I use to create an email message that will meet my open-rate and click-through expectations. Please enjoy! 1. Organize. You need to organize your email message for effective presentation. It's better to mark out your topics and ideas and then detail them. You email message should not be a pile of info, but a structured presentation. 2. Introduce yourself. You should introduce yourself for making it easy for your subscribers to recognize you. Here are some points you need to follow and mention in your email:
    • your company name in the “from” line
    • a clear indication of the content in your subject line
    • your logo, header or other branding at the top of your email
    • a link to your site
    3. Make them expect. You need to make your subscribers expect something good and valuable from you. Intrigue them with a short sentence in the begging and then provide them with the precious info in the body of the email. 4. Ask questions. Ask questions in your email - the questions you answer with the help of your product or service. You product must be a solution to a problem, not just a tool or something. If it solves a problem then it's a useful product. Remember this. 5. Bring some energy. Make your message sound live and full of energy. It should not be something boring and grey - your message is important, it's urgent - make it full of energy, make it fresh. 6. Gifts / bonuses / extras. We all like gifts and free-stuff, this makes us happy. Always reward your recipient with a little gift, and don't forget to mention this in your subject line. 7. Let your subscribers speak. Run surveys, polls or ask them to reply your messages. People like to feel unique and appreciated - this is a great chance to raise loyalty of your subscribers. Remember, you can always edit your message in a bulk mailer and make it customized and outstanding.
    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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