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    Step-by-Step Atomic Email Studio Tutorial

    by Ira Byvalkevich

    Atomi- Studio-Tutorial

    Every mass mailing software is designed in its own way. They contain different features and interfaces, hence, you might need some guidance to get acquainted with a new system. 

    Atomic Email Studio is one of the most convenient systems: it is not only easy to operate, but it provides several solutions in one, which optimizes your efforts in email marketing. You don’t need to implement different solutions, integrate them, or work between them, as Atomic Email Studio will combine everything you need. To understand better how to work with this software, we suggest checking this tutorial and referring to it when you want to specify something. 

    Creating and managing email marketing projects

    When the SMTP server is set up, you need to do the next step to create an email project and send it. Firstly, you need to choose how you want to send an email. The software allows sending both plain text and HTML versions of the email. Moreover, it also allows using predesigned templates.

    On the bottom, choose “email message” or “HTML source window” for the first and second options respectively. The software has a variety of functions necessary for successful email which may be found under the insert menu. 

    When you have your email content created, you should load your list of email addresses you want to reach. To do this go to “recipients” in the menu and choose the way you want to load the mail list (file or database, Clipboard, Outlook or Windows address book, Google Sheets). Then, click “Send mail” and the “start” button. 

    Creating, building, and collecting email lists

    Use Atomic Email Hunter to search for contacts in the open sources. Set parameters of the search here. Enter the address of the forum or website you want to collect emails. You may choose all parameters by default and the only filter is the limit on the domain itself. Wait for the program to collect all the available addresses.

    Atomic Lead Extractor allows searching for contacts of possible prospects all over the Internet. With its help, you can export not only the emails but phone numbers, fax, Skype names, etc. To use it, you need to open the "New Search" tab and enter the URLs of the websites, keywords, and the search engines you want to use. Then, you need to set a depth of a search. On the next step, click the check button and enable JavaScript help. Then, enter the path to the place where to save the file with search results. Wait a little bit, and you will get a list of contacts. You can export it to Clipboard, Microsoft Office Excel, or another Atomic Software.

    Atomic List Manager is used for various operations on the mailing list: merging and splitting lists, removing duplicates, filtering, and other things can be done with this software.

    You can split lists based on certain criteria for example by size, count, first char of email, domain, and zone. 

    There is also a filter button that lets you select certain emails due to certain patterns.

    You can also remove duplicates in a few clicks or repair emails. It can replace special characters, and remove additional words before and after address. Atomic List Manager can export emails the result in the number of applications or formats.

    Verifying email addresses

    Use Atomic Email Verifier to validate emails you have obtained. The value is determined on the SMTP tab. The existing emails are already entered, as well as proxies on the other tab. Check the relevance by clicking "verify email address" and the three-step validation will start, and you will see what emails are valid, invalid, and where the result is uncertain. 

    Tracking email marketing feedback

    Enable tracking prior to sending emails to track opens and clicked links. Go to tab "Service" in the menu and choose "Atomic Email Tracker ''. Click on it and choose the checkmark "I need to track my email campaign". Then feel free to send the email.

    Getting email marketing campaign statistics

    When done with the previous step, you may go back to the "Atomic Email Tracker" in the "service" tab and click on the link named "show collected stats". Then, click on "recipients' activity" in the tab "statistics", where you will have a detailed report and charts you can analyze. There, you can sort the data according to its efficiency by the campaign IDs, countries, hours, days, and months.

    Extracting Whois information

    Atomic Whois Explorer is used to extract Whois data, including emails, names, phones, addresses, domain registrations, expiration dates, and more. First, only open a list of domains you are interested in and copy them to the clipboard. Then, paste your list into the software and click start all. The software works in the multi-threaded mode so the process of extracting data does not take much time.

    You can see the data for each domain as a separate card of the switch to a grid with a list of domains. The collected data can be exported into other Atomic programs, Microsoft Office applications, and Clipboard.

    Written by:
    Ira Byvalkevich
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