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    TOP-10 Call-To-Action Phrases In Email Marketing That Will Drive Your Sales in 2023

    by Eugene Blokhin

    Best CTA

    If you'd like to make emails that will convert your visitors to leads, you need to know about the best CTA phrases you should use in your templates. SpySERP's SERP checker team tells us how to implement it for the best email marketing practices.

    What will happen if your CTA buttons don’t work correctly? If nobody clicks them and your visitors don’t pay any attention to your CTA phrases, then you don’t get any sales, and your company doesn’t get an income.

    Moreover, poorly-written CTA phrases for your CTA buttons can crash all the rest of your hard work, including SEO and email-marketing plan.

    Let’s imagine: you’ve optimized your web-pages, done good work with on-page and off-page SEO, you haven’t forgotten about backlinks, but… All of these doesn’t matter, because your CTA buttons don’t work correctly, and users ignore your offers.

    That’s why it's really important to guide your visitors through the buying journey using the best call-to-action phrases in your emails.

    Today we going to tell you about the best 10 CTA phrases in email-marketing that work and show you, how to create this phrases.


    “Yes, Give Me X!”

    CTA variant

    An excellent option for the affirmative CTA phrase. It works incredibly because in this case, you’re talking like a customer.

    In other words, when someone read an email with this CTA phrase, he or she perceives it as their original thought. You can put anything instead of “X” - it may be free shipping, download, check-list or discount. There are many other alternatives to this CTA phrase, like “Yes, I Want X!” or “Give My X!”.


    “Grab X Right Now!”

    Best CTA for Email Marketing

    When you use unique words in your CTA phrases, you call more attention to it. That’s why you can use your vocabulary in full force. Thus, you can use any other synonyms to “Grab”, for example, gain, snag, catch, seize, snatch, grasp, etc.

    Well, you can also use “Get”, but this is quite boring and tiresome word. Moreover, it’s a quite passive word. All phrases mentioned above add more interest to your CTA.


    “Start Your Way Toward X”

    Best CTA for Email Marketing

    In this CTA phrase, you can demonstrate some direct benefits of your products and/or services. In other words, this phrase tells all email users what they will get when they buy your service/product.

    For this CTA phrase, X appears as any goals or results that your subscriber can achieve:

    • Start Your Way Toward Personal Wealth;
    • Begin Your Path To Perfect Skin.

    In this way, your potential lead can imagine the results and personal success when he or she will buy your product or services. Furthermore, this CTA phrase works as a motivation to do something to get a success.


    Urgent CTA phrases

    Best CTA for Email Marketing

    You may also see these phrases in numerous emails from e-commerce companies. One of the best ways to motivate anyone to do something is by using urgency as a psychological factor. That’s why urgent CTA buttons and phrases work exceptionally well.

    You can use any of these types for your CTA button in email-marketing:

    • Don’t Miss Out!
    • Make X Before It’s Too Late!
    • Limited Offer For You!
    • Make X Until Date!

    Why these phrases works? It’s simple: because anyone wants to miss something useful or limited.


    “Catch Your Free X/Send Me Free X”

    Best CTA for Email Marketing

    As you may know, everyone love when they can get something valuable for free. It may be information, discounts, additional products or services. For example, you can offer free templates, to-do lists or other services.

    But don’t forget that “Free” is an ambiguous word because some potential clients can translate this word as “Cheap” or “Worthless”. That’s why another part of your CTA phrase should contain an additional value for your subscribers.
    For instance, don’t say “Catch Your Free SEO Checklist”, but “Catch Your Free and Overarching SEO Checklist”.


    “Here Is Your Personal X”

    Best CTA for Email Marketing

    X may be a discount, list, special offer, free shipping or anything else. It’s doesn’t matter. The key fact is to use “Personal” in CTA phrase. Why? Because it makes your CTA button more personalized and it works extremely well.

    Best CTA for Email Marketing

    Remember, that the personalized CTA-phrases convert 42% better than generic ones. The more you can personalize your CTA, the better.


    CTA Phrases With Exclusivity


    Remember this psychological trick: people always want what they can’t have. There’s also a community psychological aspect because your clients want to be part of a particular group. That’s why you can use the next CTA to attract more customers through email:

    • Only available to [Category]
    • Exclusive offer/access for you!
    • [X] only for Subscribers/Members;
    • It’s Only For You - [X].


    CTA Phrases to Spark Greater Interest


    As usual, these CTA phrases don’t intend to make sales or use your services. But this CTA can help you with user loyalty and brand awareness, and these factors affect your upcoming sales.

    There are a lot of CTA phrases that can spark user interest, but in all cases, you should use action phrases with “Look at”, “Reply”, “Share Your Thoughts” and any other expressions that call for user answers.


    Personal CTA Phrases

    CTA to convert

    Do you like when someone gives you an offer created especially for you? Of course, you do! Because everyone love to get any special offers, discounts or product/services created especially for them. This is one of the strongest psychological factors that can drive your sales.

    You can create a lot of different CTA phrases, for instance:

    • Catch Your Special Discount for [X]!
    • Check Out The Best Recommendations for You!
    • We Found The Best Offer For You...


    Mixed CTA Phrases


    Don’t use only one CTA phrase because you can mix them and get a unique and personalized CTA phrase that will work extremely well.

    You can use any of the aforementioned phrases to create your personal CTA phrase, for instance:

    • Hurry Up! Your 15% Off for Your Favorite Products Ends Tomorrow!
    • MEMBERS ONLY: Grab Your X Right Now!
    • Are You Ready For 3 For 2?

    In other words, you can create a lot of CTA phrases for your clients, that will be unique and eyeball-catchy.

    Written by:
    Eugene Blokhin
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