Email Marketing Motivation – Which Technologies are Used to Deliver Your Email to Subscriber

    by Paul Shuteyev
    networking-people-email-socialHey guys, Hope you're doing great! We all are sending thousands emails to our subscribers each and every month, and we do follow some "rules" to avoid black-listing and spam filters. I would like to provide you with the exact scheme and steps of an ordinary email delivery: marketers-2-subscribers. So which technologies are used to deliver advertising emails to our subscribers?
    1. First off, your email service provider (ESP) formats your message and sends it to a mailer (MTA). The MTA adds header information about the sender (RSVP address), the ESP (IP address) and the recipient (email address).
    2. Next, the MTA connects with the MX record for the DNS of the domain (i.e., gmail, hotmail, yahoo, JustSomeCompany, etc.) to which you're sending.
    3. If there is no connection at the moment, it might indicate a permanent error (i.e., no such domain) or a temporary error (i.e., a bad connection, internet connection errors).
    4. A successful connection triggers the 4-step Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) process:
    • Identifying the sending and receiving servers;
    • Identifying your RSVP address;
    • Identifying the recipient's email address;
    • Transferring the data.
    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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