8 Social Media Questions Every Email Marketer Should Ask Himself

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Question markHey friends, So nice to prepare a fresh post for you, as I enjoyed my vacation last week. As we all know summer is like a trigger for social network visitors - summer boosts social network and social media activity: vacations, events, summits, etc, - so many info to submit to social networks and share. And today I would like to provide you with a list of questions you should ask yourself and that will definitely help you to boost your email marketing campaigns. Yes, social networks will serve us as a knowledge-base to define the right niches, customer types and content. By answering these questions and analyzing social networks you can improve your email marketing experience at no cost. Here is the list of questions you need to ask yourself to boost your email marketing campaigns using social network experience.
  • What are important or popular topics for my audience?
  • What are the right tone and message for my marketing outreach?
  • What is the viral impact of email content?
  • Which social venues are influencers interacting in?
  • What type of content drives more sharing (likes, comments, retweets)?
  • Which social environments are best for my target audience?
  • What are top venues for driving action and conversion?
  • Are email and social media able to drive each other's growth? - The answer is Yes, the success of email marketing campaigns is in integration with social media. And the success of social media is to stay in touch with your followers or fans - and email marketing experience is the only one you need to do it the right way.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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