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    Top 9 Mobile Email Marketing Techniques – Reach Mobile Users with Your Email Newsletter

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Mobile Email Marketing
    Hi guys! Hope you're doing really well! I would like to discuss some basic Mobile Email Marketing techniques with you. Nowadays mobile email marketing is growing extremely fast, it went up 35% last year  in the United States - and now we have a chance to expand our email marketing campaigns to a growing quantity of a smart-phone users. Most of you are profs at creating a perfect message for your email marketing campaigns, and all I want to show now is few techniques that will help you to reach mobile users with your email newsletter. There are few differences between mobile and web-based email marketing:
    • Small screen
    • Slower download speed
    • And you have even less time to grab someone's attention with your email
    So here are Top 9 Mobile Email Marketing techniques. I'll keep it short :) 1.  Include a plain text version of every message. 2. Keep text links uncrowded and make them standout from each other. 3.  Don’t use large images links. 4.  Use a good subject line to catch people’s attention. 5.  Use the right alt tags for your images. 6.  Have a clear call to action. 7.  Test mobile emails on different smartphones. 8.  Include a mobile style sheet. 9.  And remember - content is the King!
    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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