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    4 Email Marketing Errors – When it’s necessary to apologize?

    by Paul Shuteyev
    mistakeHey guys, Hope you're doing great! I had a vacation last week, and I apologize for not providing you with fresh email marketing tips and techniques. I'm back now, so let's continue our journey to  the land of email success :) Today I would like to provide you with few tips on 4 main mailing errors. I'm talking about duplicate message, spelling and wrong date or offer errors. These are 4 most common errors email marketers experience, both amateur and skilled. Let's take a look what each error is and what to do with it. Duplicate message. Probably the lightest type of mailing error, unless you sent more than 2 or 3 messages in a row. If it was just a duplicate, for example - 2 email messages instead of one, then it's not necessary to send the 3rd message to apologize with - you can just apologize in the regularly scheduled message later in the week. If you have sent more than 3 duplicates then it's extremely important to apologize as soon as possible - your readers and subscribers must know that this was a technical error or human factor, not an attempt to spam them. Template error. If you have sent a message that don't show up how it should to the recipient than it's better to apologize and send a good copy right after the error. Template errors are an often reason of unsubscribing, so don't risk. Spelling error. A typo is not a reason to send the apologize letter, there's a chance no one noticed it, unless you have a spelling error in the URL or, for example, subject line. Wrong date or offer error. If you have mentioned the wrong date or the wrong offer in your mailing then it's extremely important to apologize as soon as possible with the correct copy. Such mistakes may look like an inappropriate content and may lead to mass unsubscribing, that's why it's really important to act fast.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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