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Email Marketing Secret 2011 – Atomic Email Hunter vs. Craigslist 1:0

Hey guys,

Just yesterday I was asked to check how Atomic Email Hunter works with the well-known website

The question was in a “famous” Craigslist’s limit – 100 pages/emails limit to crawl. Craigslist has been limiting access to automatic software to its pages by restricting to visit/crawl more than 100 pages.  And how was I surprised when I extracted more than 1300 emails at a time! This means that Email Hunter’s algorithms are able to “fool” Craigslist and now it’s so easy to extract emails from Craigslist.

Oh, btw, do not forget to decrease the number of threads from 10 to min 5, to make crawling less suspicious, and set crawling depth to min 50. Here you can see the screenshot-proof:

Craigslist emails
If you still haven’t purchased the software, You can try all the awesomeness of it right now by purchasing it at a discount price. You can find out how you can learn about Atomic Email Hunter discounts or contact us directly and ask for one. We won’t be greedy – we promise. You may also want to check out what it is that makes the difference between cracked and genuine Atomic Email Hunter.

Email Marketing Secret 2011 – Atomic Email Hunter vs. Craigslist 1:0
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Responses (22) on "Email Marketing Secret 2011 – Atomic Email Hunter vs. Craigslist 1:0"

  1. We’ve just tested it too and it works really well! Just one question though.. the emails aren’t going to be a targeted list at all, so what sort of email campaign would you receommend. Sending anything to a list like this would be closer to spam/unwanted emails wouldn’t it..?

    • Hi Johnson,

      Great you tested it too! I’d suggest to harvest emails from some specific topic like dating, or for sale and then just contact leads with a related CPA or affiliate offer. It would be “nice” in comparison with just spamming them. Right? :)

      • Hi Paul, can Atomic email hunter or Atomic Lead Extractor extract craigslist anonymous emails from a a specific category on craigslist? I only want targeted emails or leads.

        For example: For Sale by Owners under housing category, plus possibly other classified ad sites like backpage, ebay classified ads etc?

        • Hi Mark,

          Yes! I tested this myself and I run tests on extracting car seller emails (by Owner only) from exact states. If you choose the URL of the category you need and use enough depth (depends on the website) then you will have emails from this category only.

          There would be no sense at all if software extracts emails from random categories :) just use the URL of the right category :)

  2. i notice in the screenshot that your scrapping the auto generated Craigslist emails. Even if you have a million of those… how do you get mail sent to them? CL has major blocks in place to stop mass mailing to their own email addresses “” etc

    unless you have a tool that can foll CL again…do you?.. i would buy that in a heartbeat.

    • Hi Garfield,
      That’s right, Craigslist usually blocks mass sending, but harvesting emails from CL was still a hard task. So half problem is solved :) what about sending – it’s easy to avoid CL’s mailing limits using good SMTP server and such software as Atomic Mail Sender, where you can set up sending delays, intensity, etc. It helps :)

      • I am tryoing to find a way to mass email craigslist ads. Does the Atomic mail sender really work?

        • Hi Paul,

          Sure it works! Just try different SMTP and Proxy combination. To successfully mass email craigslist ads you need to find whitelisted SMTPs and Proxies. Not all kind of servers and IPs you can find on the first page of Google :(

          • What are smpts and proxies? I bought idenity cloaker> How do I go about doing that with atomic emailer?

            Thanks for any imput.

          • Hi Paul,

            Thanks for your comment!

            SMTP is the mail server you use – for example you can use ESP accounts (gmail, hotmail, aol, yahoo, etc)
            Proxies will help you to make your mailings look legit like if all the emails are sent from different people, not just one. I don’t know how can you use identity cloaker with Atomic Mail Sender. I would advise you to use built in SMTP and Proxy spinners.


  3. Wow, i was already looking for this kind of software and i am very happy to know about it. i am sure it will be very useful for everyone. Thanks for share this information with us.

  4. Besides Craigslist, is anyone aware of any other major websites that Email Hunter can successfully harvest? Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  5. Great question Mark. I have used it to some extent on the yellow pages. the truth is that when I search the main search engines for a targeted list of say plumbers, I get back a few hundred email addresses.
    Now, I know there are more than 200 plumbers on the web, so what gives? One reason seems to be the amount of “contact forms” that are in place in webpages – if Atomic can figure out how to mass mail these, it would be a definite improvement.

  6. Hi Led,

    Atomic Email Hunter doesn’t run mass mailings, so these is another topic – but I understand your needs, and we are working on these. It’s going to be something new in the mass mailing industry, that’s right!

  7. is there a tutorial on ways to harvest targeted emails? I would love to see the ins and outs and use this software to it’s full advantage as far as harvesting emails of people with certain professions, interests, etc.

  8. okaaay. i am just learning about a software like this. i think i’ll get myself one and then start experimenting. thanks for the info.

  9. I have this software and i am happy . Can anybody tell me where can i use this software more than facebook, craigslist, yellow pages, search by keywords and….. ? Can i extract from twitter ? or more examples.


    • Hey Ataner,

      Thanks for such a kind words! You can check for some specific websites, i.e. company directories, listings, classified ads. You also can extract emails from blogs, forums, etc. Unfortunately it’s impossible to harvest emails from twitter.



  10. You can use Atomic email hunter to effectively collect email addresses by geographical area down to street. I just put in the street name and make sure that in the web page advance filter to put in the zip code. You will then start extracting all businesses on that street who have a web site and the street name in their contact/email page which is common.

    now you can send targeted emails to a very specific area. Say you are a plumber or electrician who wishes to offer their service specials each month. piece of cake and great targeted email campaign. I have used email hunter and verify for several years now and am pleased with price and performance and support.

  11. Hello,

    who knows AtomPark Software you have the chance ?

  12. Hello

    How current is the program. I downloaded craigslist harvest but it does not seem to be working for me. Ok am looking for a ligit way to collect emails. Please advice as I don’t want to waste money on progras that don’t work