Email Marketing Secret 2011 – Atomic Email Hunter vs. Craigslist 1:0

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Hey guys, Just yesterday I was asked to check how Atomic Email Hunter works with the well-known website The question was in a "famous" Craigslist's limit - 100 pages/emails limit to crawl. Craigslist has been limiting access to automatic software to its pages by restricting to visit/crawl more than 100 pages.  And how was I surprised when I extracted more than 1300 emails at a time! This means that Email Hunter's algorithms are able to "fool" Craigslist and now it's so easy to extract emails from Craigslist. Oh, btw, do not forget to decrease the number of threads from 10 to min 5, to make crawling less suspicious, and set crawling depth to min 50. Here you can see the screenshot-proof: Craigslist emails If you still haven't purchased the software, You can try all the awesomeness of it right now by purchasing it at a discount price. You can find out how you can learn about Atomic Email Hunter discounts or contact us directly and ask for one. We won't be greedy - we promise. You may also want to check out what it is that makes the difference between cracked and genuine Atomic Email Hunter.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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