How to Optimize an Email Marketing Campaign? Top 4 Golden Techniques.

    by Paul Shuteyev

    4, Top 4, FourWhat is the most important aspect of each and every email marketing campaign? Right, email list. Email list and your email letter (design, content) are the only 2 parts of email campaign that can be optimized by measuring and evaluating your email marketing statistics. So I am going to provide you with top 4 email marketing optimization techniques on how to track your campaign and implement the right changes.

    Here are top 4 email marketing optimization techniques. I will keep them short and easy-to-follow. Let's start!

    1. Split the email list into smaller, more-targeted lists.
    This is the most easiest and probably the best way to optimize your email campaign. All you need to do is to segment your email list by niche, age, sex, region. It will boost up your campaign up to 50%, because of making your campaign more targeted and more individual.
    2. Verify your list before each and every email campaign.
    Keep your list updated. Outdated list is a senseless and expensive toy - just as an example - verifying a list with a 40% of invalid emails will cut your email marketing costs up to 25%, and that's a lot. I use Atomic Mail Verifier to verify email lists - works good for small and large email lists.
    3. Test the Timing and Content of your email marketing campaign.
    This step must be implemented after splitting your list into smaller parts. You should track your campaign - some lists converts better, some not. Some lists should be contacted once a week, some - once a month. By testing what's the best content and timing for each and every segment of your list will extremely boost your open-rate and conversion-rate.
    4. Tracking, tracking and once again - tracking.
    Statistics is the key to success in any kind of internet marketing, and email marketing is not an exception. Use a built-in codes in your campaigns to analyze your open rate, click-through rate and bounce rate. After you have implemented the first 3 techniques - it is extremely important to track all statistics regarding your mailings. Atomic Email Tracker service is designed to track email statistics - just put a code into your mailing and reveal your best selling campaigns!
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    Paul Shuteyev
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