How to Create Perfect Thank-You Emails – Top 5 Tips and Tricks

    by Paul Shuteyev
    THANK YOUHey guys, Hope you're doing well! Today I will provide you with 5 tips on creating a perfect thank-you email. Thank-you email is the part of email marketing, that lets the other see the level of your skill in email marketing, as it's harder than just prepare a mass-mailing and then sit and wait for results. Thank-you email is the key that will always help you to stay in touch with your customers and make them feel happy. Good, let's start, I will try to keep the tips short, to make them easy-2-follow. Top 5 tips on creating a perfect Thank-You Email: 1. Be sure your customers receives your emails. It's better to have a unique IP address for all the Thank-You emails. If some of your IPs or advertising messages will be blacklisted - Thank-You messages will not be affected, and your customers will still enjoy your service. 2. Be sure your subject lines describe the content of the thank-you email. Recipients might pay attention only to first few words, while the mobile-recipients won't even notice the last words of your subject line, so put the key information like "Purchase Confirmation and Bonuses" right up front. 3. Include a detailed overview of the order into your thank you email. It's better to confirm the information one more time and include all the purchase data in your thank-you email, so your customer may see that the data he entered is correct and everything's good. This may include - purchase price, quantity, address, details, etc. It's also good to have this info shown in a special division of your mailing, i.e. - below the thank-you text. 4. Don't over-bother your customer with additional offers or products. Suggesting some useful add-ons or updates is good, but this info should be placed at the bottom of the email body only, because it looks horrible when you buy something and then in a minute you are offered to update your product or buy an add-in - this makes your subscribers feel they've bought something defective. 5. Deliver thank-you emails with a speed of light. Customers want to receive instant confirmation, and if your takes longer than the usual confirmation - this can disappoint them a lot, and as you know disappointed customers are a non-return-customers, and that's bad :)
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    Paul Shuteyev
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