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Round 2, Atomic Mail Sender vs. Craigslist: Avoiding Craigslist’s Mailing Limits by using Atomic Mail Sender

Hey guys,

Hope you’re doing really well. Atomic Email Hunter can harvest thousands of targeted emails from Craigslist now. This battle is won, and now it’s time for another one – time to avoid the Craigslist’s mailing ban for hitting the mass mailing limit. Thanks to Atomic Mail Sender this time, ’cause I will show you how to set it up to send thousands of messages to Craigslist’s users. Let’s start!

What I want to provide you with are few ways to avoid Craigslist’s mailing limits for NO COST and send thousands of targeted messages to Craigslist’s users FOR FREE just by setting up you Atomic Mail Sender the right way.

Here comes the 3 Ways To Send Mass Emails to Craigslist’s Users – please see screenshots below.

*Enter value “1” for “Attempts to send”. Otherwise you may bother Craigslist few times from 1 IP sending message to 1 email address.

1. The easiest way (Domain throttling). You can just use domain throttle and limit the Atomic Mail Sender with a 50 emails/hour. This definitely will not bother Craigslist, still it takes a lot of time to send thousands of messages.

Atomic Mail Sender 1

2. The good way (SMTP rotation). Use external SMTP servers, the free ones (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). Prepare a list of about 10 different free SMTPs. Each of them allows from 100 emails/hour to 500 emails/day – it’s enough for us, cause Atomic Mail Sender has the SMTP rotation feature – where you can specify to send few emails from one SMTP server and after emails are sent AMS will use next SMTP, and so on.

Atomic Mail Sender 2

3. The PRO way (SMTP and Proxy rotation). This is the best way to avoid any kind of mailing limits including Craigslist’s as the easiest one for this technique. Atomic Mail Sender provides you with a proxy-feature (rotation is available too), which allows to use proxy servers to change your IP’s. So this techniques is based on a list of free SMTP servers and a list of free Proxy servers – each of them rotating. This technique will provide you with a maximum security and highest mailing speed.

Atomic Mail Sender 3

If you still haven’t purchased the software and have some doubts left as to its benefits and practical use, we can offer you a personal discount. You can also learn about different types of Atomic Mail Sender discounts that we offer. We would also like to inform you about potential downsides of using cracked Atomic Mail Sender since we’ve noticed that pirated software goes up in popularity.

Update 2017

Besides, nowadays you can install Atomic Mail Sender onto several computers and transfer a software license from one computer to another. Therefore, there won’t be any problems with broken PC or access restrictions. We implemented the opportunity for you to deactivate and activate Mail Sender a number of times using your registration key. This will simplify and speed up your email marketing progress, because you can send emails anytime without dependence of a certain PC.

Read more about modifications in Atomic Mail Sender activation system.

Round 2, Atomic Mail Sender vs. Craigslist: Avoiding Craigslist’s Mailing Limits by using Atomic Mail Sender
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Written by: Paul Shuteyev

I am an internet-marketing specialist.


Responses (46) on "Round 2, Atomic Mail Sender vs. Craigslist: Avoiding Craigslist’s Mailing Limits by using Atomic Mail Sender"

  1. Really nice post. it would be helpful to use more than 1 smtp provider to send thousands of email in rotation .. where to download automic mail sender trial version?

  2. Where can I get a list of the free providers
    to set up the PRO Way (SMTP and Proxy Rotation)?

    • Hi Alex,

      Actually all you need to do is to run a google-search for FREE SMTP LIST or LIST OF MAIL SERVERS
      and to find some proxies just search for FREE PROXIES, that’s all, nothing complex.

      I bet you will find all the data you need to launch the PRO Way

  3. I think the Atomic products are real world solutions!


    • Sure, just use built-in Proxy and SMTP rotation feature that you will find in Atomic Mail Sender. You can have it totally free – just use SMTPs from different free ESP providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

  5. how to input free proxies or private ones? i only have a choice of socks proxies

  6. Nice and useful post Paul…i have one doubt. Do you think we don’t get any problems from SMTP.COM by using their smtp service to craigslist mailing?


  7. Hello my friend! Amazing post on email marketing techniques. I like you software very much…

  8. hey could you tell me some good sites to get good proxies that would work with your software.. i have check them many times with scrapebox and they are good but i keep getting errors when i try to send them thru the proxy

  9. Kinda confused by 1 thing: For the Proxies, do I need SOCKS 4/5 proxies or just normal ones to send the email?

    For the SMTP, I understand we can use the free enterprise providers like G, Y!, HM, etc.

    Thanks, Adam

    • List of proxy servers can be found

      They are updated daily. Most of them are free and doesn’t need auth. details.

      You can always check proxy servers and found proxy lists

      User name and password are needed for the paid (not free proxies).
      Free proxies are free from login/pass. If you try a free proxy leave the fields blank.

      I’d recommend a paid proxy. Free ones usually do not live long and quite slow.

      But try a free proxy just to get familiar how it works and see the results.

      In fact the proxy type is not so important. The difference is only on the application level and the used protocol. Some software can use only certain type of proxies but Atomic Sender supports different types of proxies.

      To find a paid proxy just make a Google search and choose one that will be suitable for you (like it’s location, you’d better use a proxy server located in your country).

      And Yes, for the SMTP you can use all the popular Email Service Providers :)



      • Hi Paul,

        I had everything setup and running, when SMTPs like Gmail and Yahoo rejected my email sending for spamming. I was running about 10 different addresses with about 10 emails going out from each one every hour. Am I pushing it with these numbers? What are some ways you would recommend getting around this. Thanks for your great post,


        • Hi Mark,

          Thanks for your comment. Your limits are really low, I’ve tested these free ESPs with about 50 per hour, and it was OK. I guess you can try proxy rotation, or choose the free ESP that doesn’t block you and create multiple accounts + proxy spins.



  10. Paul I don’t understand how you can recommend Atomic emailer to everyone probably knowing that it will never get through Craigslist filters. All SMTP headers show an originating IP, no matter what proxy you use, if that IP is foreign it will get blocked by Craigslist…your product does nothing to get around that problem. Am I wrong?

    • Hi Alberto,

      Thanks for your comment! Actually you are wrong, as many users who use Atomic Mailer for Craigslist-related needs never complained. Craigslist has IP filters, that block more than N email from one IP. This means, that changing SMTPs (SMTP rotation) and IPs (Proxy rotation) helps. Sure it depends on the SMTPs and IPs you use – if you use random public proxies and SMTPs that are available for everyone, then the result is obvious.

  11. Paul,

    So here is the million dollar question….

    I’ve sent the test email to myself to ensure it’s working properly… and when I log into my email address which it was sent too…. and I hit “reply” with my response…. WHERE DOES THAT MESSAGE GO? Do I have to check each indiviudal account I created separately…. or does it somehow come back to your program, or my main email address to make reading my responses easy….?


    I have all my emails set up from gmail and loaded into your system…. i’ve ran test emails and they are sending just fine….. with the exception of this issue:

    it doesn’t always change the email up…

    I sent several test emails in a row, and like 3 in a row sent from sreiley(AT)g ….
    Only 1 sent from Sreiley1(AT)g

    I thought this would alternate, which was the whole idea of sending from multiple accounts…….? I’ve sent the max send limit to 25 for each account and pre loaded 12 g mail email addresses in…. Do you think i’ve configured it correctly?



    • Hi Josh!

      Regarding the WHERE DOES THAT MESSAGE GO? – there are few options. First one is checking the inboxes manually and the second one is using Atomic Subscrition Manager and Auto Responder.

      As I understand you are using SMTP spinner (created multiple gmail accounts and spin them on sending) – it’s a good idea, you can set spin limit (see this setting under the SMTP window). For example you can set to change SMTP after each 3 emails sent.

      On the other hand I would advise you to not to use Gmail only – have different ESP’s SMTPs like Yahoo, AOL, etc. Gmail has its standards and service like Craigslist unmask you if you’re using one ESP only. Have different Email Service Providers, proxy spinner (built-in), subject spinner, from-name spinner, from-address spinner – they are all built in. So you have millions of variations to choose from :)



  12. please what kind of proxy is the SSh tunnelier and can it work with the Atomic mail sender

  13. Hi
    I was wondering when we send a message we put in From address while at the same time also put few emails in smtp. so do we also need to put all these emails in FROM also while at the same time putting them into smtp? or the software will rotate the same while having just one id used in FROM for sending emails?
    Please help

    • Hi,

      If you use free ESPs as SMTP and do not set up any other FROM address, then your FROM address will be the SMTP’s one. Also, if you use one or more FROM addresses, then they will be rotated as your from-addresses, not the SMTP ones.

      have a great day :)

  14. Hello

    Can you recommend me some proxy to buy that I can use with ATMS to send CL with my own domain?.
    I need to send 1000 emails a week.


    • Hi John,

      I bet you can easily send 1000 emails per week via free SMTPs of Google, Hotmail, AOL, etc. They allow from 100emails/hour to 500emails/day per account. You can create few accounts and easily submit them to Atomic Mail Sender and set the rotation.

  15. Can someone explain to me about the non-generic dns and static ip requirement by craigslist? If my home PC uses a dsl with dynamic ip or my laptop that connects to Internet with a mobile Internet card which also has dynamic ip, can I send email reply to craigslist using yahoo email accout even my computer has dynamic ip?
    Also, can I send a web link in the reply email to ad poster? Is it allowed?

  16. Can I send a small attachment (.doc or .pdf) with each mail? Also, can I change the email content a little randomly? Thank you. I am new to this.

  17. On craigslist site it states that they dont allow dynamic ip’s.

    It also says the limit to send from an ip address is 20 to 25 per day.

    I’m not looking for theory or guesses here, i would like to know from anyone who has experience with this…

    If craigslist is tracking the ip’s from where the messages are sent then rotating smtp’s won’t matter.

    I can rotate smtp’s every 5 messages but if they are not originating from different ip’s every 20 messages they won’t get through.

    This brings the bigger question…

    How can we track if the messages were delivered or not?

    In other words, if i send 1,000 messages but craigslist only delivers 25 how will i know?

  18. Hi Paul,

    Please let me know if is it allowed to send a email to an craigslist’s user account with an web link into my message?!

    • You can send out campaign to any email address you want and send any text you want with the link to your website or message. If you have your message in HTML you can easily paste it to the software

  19. Hi, I’m really considering buying Atomic but my main question that remains unsanswered was the last poster’s as well, which you didn’t answer. With proper configuration it sounds as if you can mass answer thousands of craigslist ads weekly even with their updated email relay system…however what about getting blacklisted because of a link in my emails? Everything in the configuration can be spun to change it up except the link to my site I want to promote, will that get me blacklisted from CL then? Your answer is appreciated, thanks!

    • Frankly speaking I’m not sure your website can be blacklisted because of adding link to email campaigns. The website can be greylisted if you use the SMTP of your website and you do not follow it’s limit (you may send out emails quickly or more than it’s recommended)

  20. Hi Lori, why not creating a handful of and/or other URL shortening links to your very own url and spin them in the content as well?

  21. Does anyone have experience with HideMyAss as proxy provider? Can it be used?

  22. Its ridiculous a guy that have nothing to do with AtomPark needing to teach how to use Atomic Mail Sender while the support staff answer any question you make about the subject with a “it’s up to you, we do not recommend anything” to whom bought the software.

    • Konstantyn, hire him.

    • Svetlana Zemliankina

      “a guy that have nothing to do with AtomPark” – seriously??

      • Sorry, what you criticized is right, I readed his facebook profile and don’t know why I did not found that he worked for AtomPark (and in that case I don’t know if he still does through another company), your name I have sure is published in AtomPark page. Anyway, this blog post is 3 years old, proxy rotation is really a bad idea (if you use a proxy far from you, you will receive an instant “your account was hacked” by gmail), the software should have a feature to reset the connection like Jdownloader have to change IP address. Its not even complicated, I can reset mine inside my router with only two HTTP GETs. But your support still would not recommend that, not even give the idea to do that. I would liked more if you criticized and I be wrong in the rest of my comment. Sorry again, I really like your software, but I really get pissed of when I buy something and someone answer something like that to me. It’s not that simple, just create a lot of accounts and rotate.