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    Round 2, Atomic Mail Sender vs. Craigslist: Avoiding Craigslist’s Mailing Limits by using Atomic Mail Sender

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Hey guys, Hope you're doing really well. Atomic Email Hunter can harvest thousands of targeted emails from Craigslist now. This battle is won, and now it's time for another one - time to avoid the Craigslist's mailing ban for hitting the mass mailing limit. Thanks to Atomic Mail Sender this time, 'cause I will show you how to set it up to send thousands of messages to Craigslist's users. Let's start! What I want to provide you with are few ways to avoid Craigslist's mailing limits for NO COST and send thousands of targeted messages to Craigslist's users FOR FREE just by setting up you Atomic Mail Sender the right way. Here comes the 3 Ways To Send Mass Emails to Craigslist's Users - please see screenshots below. *Enter value "1" for "Attempts to send". Otherwise you may bother Craigslist few times from 1 IP sending message to 1 email address. 1. The easiest way (Domain throttling). You can just use domain throttle and limit the Atomic Mail Sender with a 50 emails/hour. This definitely will not bother Craigslist, still it takes a lot of time to send thousands of messages.

    Atomic Mail Sender 1

    2. The good way (SMTP rotation). Use external SMTP servers, the free ones (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). Prepare a list of about 10 different free SMTPs. Each of them allows from 100 emails/hour to 500 emails/day - it's enough for us, cause Atomic Mail Sender has the SMTP rotation feature - where you can specify to send few emails from one SMTP server and after emails are sent AMS will use next SMTP, and so on.

    Atomic Mail Sender 2

    3. The PRO way (SMTP and Proxy rotation). This is the best way to avoid any kind of mailing limits including Craigslist's as the easiest one for this technique. Atomic Mail Sender provides you with a proxy-feature (rotation is available too), which allows to use proxy servers to change your IP's. So this techniques is based on a list of free SMTP servers and a list of free Proxy servers - each of them rotating. This technique will provide you with a maximum security and highest mailing speed.

    Atomic Mail Sender 3

    If you still haven't purchased the software and have some doubts left as to its benefits and practical use, we can offer you a personal discount. You can also learn about different types of Atomic Mail Sender discounts that we offer. We would also like to inform you about potential downsides of using cracked Atomic Mail Sender since we've noticed that pirated software goes up in popularity. Update 2017 Besides, nowadays you can install Atomic Mail Sender onto several computers and transfer a software license from one computer to another. Therefore, there won’t be any problems with broken PC or access restrictions. We implemented the opportunity for you to deactivate and activate Mail Sender a number of times using your registration key. This will simplify and speed up your email marketing progress, because you can send emails anytime without dependence of a certain PC. Read more about modifications in Atomic Mail Sender activation system.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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