Atomic SMS Sender: Bermuda Triangle – Successful Delivery

    by Paul Shuteyev
    bermuda triangle devils triangleHey guys, AtomPark proudly announces successful SMS message delivery to Bermuda Triangle, also known as Devil's Triangle. All sent - all delivered, no losses :) Seems like boats and planes are more interesting to Devil than our messages... Now our service covers all internet-connected places on Earth, and global SMS delivery rate is close to 100%.

    Atomic SMS Sender Key Features

    Atomic SMS Sender has a secure and intuitive web-based interface with functionality in mind with the following key features:
    • Personalization - set each message to include the name of the recipient
    • Dynamic sender ID - originator company name or telephone number can be set dynamically (without prior registration)
    • 3 free SMS or more (upon request) to try our service
    • Scheduling SMS sending (necessary when your recipient is located in time zone other than Latvia)
    • Quick text messaging
    • Mass SMS sending by groups
    • SMS Character Counter
    • Sending speed is more than 200 SMS/sec
    • Text message¬†validity period to 48 hours
    • Delivery reports on sent and delivered text messages
    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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