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    Top 5 Ways to Use Social Media in Email Marketing Campaigns

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Social media channelEvery mention of your brand online is good, unless it's super bad - this is the reason why I want to discuss top 5 ways on how to use social media channel to boost and brand your email marketing campaign. Social media websites are the brain of all internet - millions of people are free to discuss, share, publish, like, comment, and if they discuss you - then bingo - you can show your subscribers that your brand is being seen, heard and respected. Here you can find top 5 ways on how to use social media channel to boost you email marketing campaign: 1.) Reviews and Testimonials. Every good mention on Facebook is a testimonial too. Even if it's just one word "Good!" - it's still a testimonial. You should gather such testimonials - the more reviews or just kind words you will have about your brand, the more reviews you can show to your subscribers, include into your mailings, etc. Try to use as many different websites as possible - mix social media websites with review sites, blogs, Answer-websites, an so on. 2.) Tweetimonials. 140-character review or testimonial may be much more powerful than a 2-page review. It's great to insert few tweetimonials in each and every mailing - this will be another proof-of-honesty for your subscribers. 3.) Web Forums. Forum comments and feedbacks are the best place to get positive brand-related posts. Each and every forums have its gurus, super-pro-members, and if one of them recommends your product or service - that's another bingo that can really boost your sales. Also it's good to link to such posts in your mailings - that's the chance for your subscribers to see another proof of your honesty.
    4.) Blog posts. There are millions of blogs over the internet, and I bet there are few that definitely discuss your brand or business right now. Find them and link back to such positive blog posts in your email campaigns. On the one hand, links from blog posts are more powerful than from forums, on the other - forum may have much more visits. Anyway - blog reviews is one of the best things you can use in your mailings.
    5.) Videos. Video is the best content for going viral - it's easy to follow, easy to remember and takes just few minutes to watch it. Good video costs about $200. And for these 200 dollars you will have thousands of visits, hundreds of comments, and many-many testimonials on YouTube. You should use them further in your mailings. And don't forget to send your brand new video to all of your subscribers.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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