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    How to improve click-through rate in email marketing: 7 useful tips

    by Tatiana Pyrih
    improve_CTR The number of people who do the target action is always fewer than the amount of all the receivers. But if this rate is too low the email campaign is unsuccessful. In this article, we will tell you how to motivate people to commit the target action. Read some hacks, and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

    What is the click-through rate (CTR)?

    CTR (click-through rate) in email marketing is the percentage of people who have clicked the CTA button from all the people who have opened the newsletter.
    This is one of the metrics for analyzing the effectiveness of the campaign. The more people have clicked the button the more of them can buy your products or services. So, today we want to give you some useful tips on how to increase click through rate. Read, try, and go to success.

    1. An effective subject line as the way how to increase click through rate

    The better the subject line is the more people open your emails. And, therefore, the more of them click the CTA button. So, remember some rules of creating the subject line of your newsletter:
    • Make it short. The newsletters with the subject lines up to 16 symbols are opened by the receivers much more often, according to some new investigations by Campaignmonitor .
  • Give the information about the content of the newsletter in the subject line. It should make a receiver understand what you are sending to him/her and why.
  • Use personalization. It  will help you to increase the number of the read emails by 50% and improve the effectiveness of the newsletter in this way.
  • Add emojis (of course if your tone of voice allows this). SmartMail has noticed that emails which contain them in the subject lines are opened more often.

    2. Segment the target audience to boost CTR

    The number of the opened emails increases by 14,31% due to segmentation. As you already know, the more people read the newsletters, the more clicks there will be. Furthermore, with the help of segmentation you will be able to create more relevant content. This will attract the interest of the receivers better. So, they will click the CTA button more often. Use such parameters for segmentation:
    • sex;
    • age;
    • region of living;
    • interests;
    • the previous contacts with your brand.

    3. Buttons help you to increase clicks

    Buttons have 28% more clicks than the plain links in the text, as Campaignmonitor statistics says. So, devote some time and effort on creating it:
    • Place it in the visible place.
    • Emphasize it with the contrast color.
    And you will be satisfied with the results. Click through email marketing G2, the website with reviews, has placed the visible contrast CTA button to the email

    4. Use only one call to action if you want to increase clicks

    This is an easy but working way of how to get better response from email marketing. If there are many calls to action, the attention of the users gets scattered. And there is a high risk that a person won’t choose any of the several options. But if there is only one call to action, the users are focused on it, and there will be more clicks. How to increase click-through rate

    The email by the cosmetics seller Beauty&TheBear is not really good as there are a few different calls to action. So, the users will be embarrassed by their number and will not know what to do: either to shop new products or to subscribe to news. And as a result, they won’t do any of these actions.

    Boost CTR And here is a more successful example of an email by the clothes brand Everland. There is only one call to action, so the receivers won’t get confused about what to do.

    5. The right design is the key to increasing clicks

    Use the centered designs. They attract the users’ sights to the CTA button. And many cases prove that the emails with the centered designs receive more clicks. For example, Campaignmonitor have increased clicks by creating a new template. Here is an old version: Increase clicks And here is the new one: How to get better response from email marketing All the elements are placed closer to the center of the template. So, the text of the offer and the CTA button attract more attention. And the results don’t let us doubt the effectiveness of such a design. Click through rate has increased by 127% since the email marketing template has been updated.

    6. Care about the correctness of your email showing if you want to increase clicks

    If the template is not adapted to the different devices nothing else can help them from being ignored by the receivers. Note that many people check their Mailboxes both from desktop PCs, laptops, and smartphones. Click through email marketing The statistics by Campaignmonitor So, create the adaptive HTML template and make sure that it is shown correctly on the screens of all types. You can check it with the help of the special services, for example, Litmus. Increase clicks Email is shown correctly both on PC and on smartphone

    7. Use the images as the way of how to get better response from email marketing

    First of all, don’t be skeptical about the importance of the visual part of the newsletter. As scientists say, about 65% of all the Americans perceive visual information much better than the text one. So, provide them with some infographics or the photos of your products if you want to increase clicks in your emails. Secondly, enter the ALT tags to the images. If the picture itself won’t be shown because of the slow Internet connection, the text will appear. And this is much better than just the empty space instead of the image. How to get better response from email marketing And the last but not the least important thing is placing the links directly to the images. This will definitely increase clicks because for some people it’s more convenient to press on the picture than to scroll down up to the CTA button. Especially if the person uses the smartphone for checking the mailbox.  


    Test these tips and check if your CTR will grow.  Atomic Mail Sender will help you to send the new, more effective emails.

    Download a demo version and use it for free for 7 days.

    Written by:
    Tatiana Pyrih
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