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    Personalization in cold emails. Warm ice of recipients’ hearts

    by Irina Podorvan
    Email personalization It does not surprise the abundance of data in the epoch of globalization. Each user leaves more personal information with no doubts. It helps entrepreneurs to catch the target audience. To call yourself a professional marketer, you should know how to use data while sending mass mailing campaigns. Today we are talking about email personalization best practices and how to add personalization to cold emails. Read the article to know all life hacks of personalization in email marketing.

    What is email personalization?

    Email personalization is when the user gets emails with tailor-made content and the most relevant offer to the subscriber’s interests.
    Such an approach provides better relations between the user and the company or brand. Email personalization statistics proofs:
    • Increasing open rates: emails with the personalized subject line are opened 26% more.
    • Getting higher profit: marketers notice that segmentation helps to increase income 760% more.
    Email marketing personalization is a must for a successful campaign, and we teach you how to configure personalization in email. Move further!

    Email marketing personalization tips: Create customer personas

    To make a mass mailing campaign individual to the users you need to know them better. The easiest and the most popular way is questioners. But last practice shows that there is a better alternative: building customer personas. NetProspex proves that orientation on the client is more important than pay attention to your persona. Their case study lies in building different types of users according to their actions on the website. Personalize email message   They divided customers into three groups and propose each of the group relevant content. For example, Emma is interested more in demand generation and the company sends mass mailing focusing on her requirements. NetProspex saw that such personalization in email marketing gives wonderful results: Personalized email campaign

    Source: NetProspex

    This experience demonstrates that care about customers’ needs has a good impact on both: company and clients.

    Email personalization techniques that increase Open Rate in cold mailing

    Some marketers think that cold email outreach doesn’t have many similarities with a personalized mass mailing campaign. That’s not exactly true. We tell you how to send a cold mass email with personalization and what tools help to do it without losing time, money, and nerves.

    Personalization in a cold email by name

    Adding the name is the easiest type of personalization in email. If it is cold emailing, calling a person by name is more effective. To send mass emails with personalized touch use Atomic Mail Sender. Thanks to its features, it is easy to send a thousand emails and call each recipient by name. How to do it:
    1. Prepare the list of recipients in the Excel table including all information that you can find:
    How to write personalized email
    1. Add this list in Atomic Mail Sender. Create an email. Choose the place where you want to add the name. Press “Insert” - “Email merge data” - Choose the column with the needed info.
    Personalization in cold emails You will see such text: Personalize email campaign Each recipient will see their own name instead of %Column_2%. Because of variable substitution, you need to create only one email, and each user will get a specially targeted notification.

    Email personalization with post

    For cold mailing, it is important to know the position of recipients. You can mention this info in the email. For example, you are writing the article and need experts’ opinions. Not to write different emails to each recipient, create one in which include the position. For example, in such a way: Personalization in cold email campaign You will see such content: Personalization in mass mailing The recipient will get an email with other text: Hello! I am Eve and working on the article How often do you have to clean email base. You are as Email Marketer can help me. Would you mind sharing your expert's with me? I am looking forward to your reply.
      Best Wishes, Eve Morgan On the place of the variable will be the position of the user. If you know the name too you can combine it with the position. For example: Email personalization campaign Combining two types of personalization brings more chances to get feedback from the receiver.

    Personalization in email marketing by activity in social media

    Social media is not just fun, it is a great resource for business and work. You can use the behavior of the potential recipient to send a personalized email. Imagine, you want to increase the coverage of your LinkedIn group. For this, you need to get a mention on the other groups and accounts. To show that you are interested in the person and study their profile include the topic of the last post. You can realize your goal with Atomic Email Sender in such a way: Personalized mass mailing campaign The email will look in a next way: Email personalization campaign Instead of the variable users will see the topic of their last posts. As in the previous example, you can add the name personalization in email too. The email on your screen will look like this: Mass emails personalization Be sure, your request will get feedback if you show interest in the user's persona.

    Email personalization by company name

    If you know the only company where the user works, include it to email personalization without any doubts. Despite the purpose of your mailing, you can mention the company. For example, your email can look like this: Personalized cold email campaign Don’t limit yourself with the name of the recipient. Even a slight detail will be appreciated if you will use it wisely.


    Cold emailing will meet the expectations if you create emails following our tips. Personalization in the email is like a bridge between you and lead. Use relevant information to personalize your email campaign.

    Download the demo version of Atomic Mail Sender and start warming cold leads!

    Written by:
    Irina Podorvan
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