Gmail Clips Email. How to Prevent it?

    by Miroslava Vavshko
    Message clipped by Gmail You have been working on your mass mailing campaign for a long time trying to make it perfect. You add a lot of pictures, write a long text, make up a design and click the Send button. But something goes wrong, and all your efforts are in vain because Gmail clips your message. Let's find out how to solve this problem and avoid cutting emails.

    Why is this happening?

    Gmail displays emails that weigh less than 102 KB. If they weigh more, readers will see only the first 102 KB, and the rest will be hidden behind the “View entire message” link. Message clipped view entire message That’s how an email gets clipped in Gmail. Users don't get the opportunity to see the whole newsletter instantly, because the “View entire message” link appears. Email’s size depends on:
    • text of an email;
    • links to websites and pictures. Gmail doesn't consider an image size;
    • HTML tags and attributes;
    • CSS styles;
    • double spaces and line breaks;
    • special code sections: an unsubscribe link, an Open Rate counter;
    • digital signature information.
    Review all these points and remove all unnecessary. So you decrease the size of your email.

    Why do you need to avoid reducing email?

    Many users don’t follow the “View entire message” link to read the email to the end in Gmail. Сlipped messages:
    • kill readers’ enthusiasm, and some people do not pay attention to this link at all;
    • make the conversion low, although Open Rate is high;
    • don’t allow users to see the offer and make a targeted action;
    • increase spam complaints, because the unsubscribe link is not visible.

    How to prevent clipping messages in Gmail?

    First, save the email in HTML format to know the size. If the email is too big, try to fix the situation with the next tips:
    • Reduce information

    Remove a product description, detailed reviews, and so on from your email newsletter. Just add a link to your website instead.

    View entire message in Gmail

    An example of a minimalistic email without excess information. There are not many details, and therefore the message is not overloaded.

    • Don’t copy a layout from websites

    This technique is used to quote a part of the page or to make an announcement. The website code may contain sections with comments, extra spaces, tabs and JavaScript elements. It adds additional styling that may also not display correctly. Give links to the website in announcements instead.

    Gmail email getting clipped

    Links to the website are in the form of announcements. There are pictures and a short description which leads to articles.

    • Reduce your HTML code

    Let's look at the process of creating and editing email code in Atomic Mail Sender program. First, we delete everything superfluous: spaces, tabs, line breaks and sections that don’t work. Do it by yourself or use a special tool.

    Gmail message clipped

    HTML code of the email before reducing. The size is 102.5 KB. There are many spaces, tabs and line breaks. We should minimize it to concise the email.

    Email getting clipped in Gmail

    This is the HTML code from which the excess was removed on the example of Atomic Mail Sender tool. Thus, the size decreased to 101.2 KB.

    • Don’t duplicate CSS styles

    Do not repeat styles from the tag in other elements with inline styles. Leave it in only one place.

    Gmail view entire message

    Inline styles in HTML are indicated by the style attribute.

    Message clipped view entire message

    Our final email version in Atomic Mail Sender editor.

    • Reduce the amount of text

    For example, write a piece of your message on an image, if possible.

    Message clipped in Gmail

    The creator of this email wrote some text on the picture and thereby reduced the size of the message.

    • Don’t send emails with the same subject line multiple times

    Gmail combines and adds these emails in a common conversation. It may increase the size of the message.

    Gmail message clipped

    Emails with the same subjects. Don’t do that.

    • Test your emails

    Send several types of your newsletter to different mailboxes and see how it will be displayed. Conclude and make the appropriate changes.

    Gmail email getting clipped

    Testing a newsletter is easy with Atomic Mail Sender.

    Is your email still too big?

    Here are some tips to encourage the reader to click on the link and view an email to the end:
    • Add intrigue to the message

    For example, tell the user that something interesting is waiting for him or her at the end of the message.

    Gmail view entire message link

    Such an intrigue tempts to read to the end.

    • Encourage the reader

    Invite to receive a prize, for example, promo code at the end of the email.

    Gmail message clipped

    The gift is mentioned at the beginning of the email.

    • Bring up the most important
    • Write the main idea of your email in 1-2 screens. The first 102 kB should contain:
    • CTA block;
    • link to the website;
    • OR counter;
    • unsubscribe link.

    Gmail email getting clipped

    There is a call to action, links to the website, and unsubscribe link in this email.

    • Tell honestly that the message may have been clipped

    Some marketers ask readers to follow the link “View entire message” if the email is not displayed correctly.

    Gmail view entire message

    The author asked readers to click on the link to see the full email.

    Now you have learned how to deal with Gmail. Create a concise email and check the message size before sending. How to do it easily?

    Try Atomic Mail Sender to practice these tips and send mass mailing campaigns without problems.

    Written by:
    Miroslava Vavshko
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