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Most popular days to send e-mails!

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Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1,4% 15,1% 25,4% 23,3% 18,3% 15,6% 0,9%  
Most popular days to send e-mails!
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Responses (6) on "Most popular days to send e-mails!"

  1. Haha, Tuesday is the favorite day to send emails. Is there any reason behind that?

  2. hey this is quite cool! now that i realize, i too send most of my mails either on Wed or Thu.

  3. Tuesday is the most “working” workday on the week – that’s the main reason, man!

  4. I would have thought Monday was, being the beginning of the week and all.

  5. i think monday is the best day to send emails and monday is starting day of the week

  6. But no emails on Sat because of dates and romantic meetings :)