The Most Working Email Marketing Tips. Infographic

    by Miroslava Vavshko
    Wanna try email marketing but don’t know where to start? Here is step-by-step guidance for you: our new mass mailing infographic. It will help you to start and improve the effectiveness of your mass mailing campaign. We put all the 18 years experience we’ve got while developing tools for email marketing. This infographic is useful for beginners as well as for digital marketing profi. Enjoy! Email guidance infographic
    1. Make a plan

    Let's start with an analysis of the situation and competitors. Set goals to determine the type of email newsletters. For example:

    • promoting a company
    • distributing brand information
    • increasing recognition
    • getting feedback etc.
    1. Select a tool for mass mailing

    Mind the features, price and testimonials of the instrument. Here are some of the best ones:

    1. Make a right header

    The holy trinity of questions to answer before generating ideas for the headline:

    • Will subscriber understand the essence of the newsletter after reading your 70 pixels title?
    • Will they be able to catch the attention of the target audience according to their field of activity and interests?
    • Are there any SPAM words like $$$, earn, 100%, win, make money, etc.?

    The email header should sound intriguing like:

    • Your business is out of date!
    • How to book a flight for the price of a cup of coffee?
    • You're fired! Your boss will say if …
    • Read This Before [Action]
    • See what your competitors sold yesterday!
    1. Segment subscriber base

    760% profit growth was provided by sending newsletters relevant to the interests of subscribers. The right email subscription form will help to segment your audience according to:

    • location
    • gender
    • activity
    • status
    • interests
    1. Create relevant content

    0.17% was the average unsubscribing rate in 2019. Identify the problems of your target audience and help to solve them. For example, offer:

    • Discount, if a person wants to save money.
    • List of courses if the reader is interested in self-development, etc.
    • A reminder with a time of webinar if a user has registered for it.
    1. Personalize your newsletter

    50% increase in conversion can be reached by the personalization of emails. Perfect email:

    • comes at a convenient time,
    • advises something useful,
    • knows when the user has a birthday,
    • welcomes the subscriber by name.
    1. Make emails mobile-friendly

    41% of emails are opened from mobile devices. To adapt the newsletter to smartphones you should:

    • limit the title of the newsletter to 22-30px,
    • use only one column of text,
    • the main text should be 14px or more,
    • make contacts clickable place,
    • the optimal size of the touch zone buttons is 10×10 mm.
    1. Make it bright
    • Use design to focus on the main thing (colour to highlight, animation).
    • Consider AIDA principles and the purpose of the newsletter.
    • Remove distracting elements (like blinking ads).
    1. Test the newsletter
    • call to action
    • subject lines
    • design
    • sending time etc.

    Make sure that your email is readable, and doesn’t fall into spam, links are active, pictures are displayed.

    1. Make it easier to unsubscribe

    The ability to unsubscribe is one of the GDPR and spam filters requirements. Facilitate this process:

    1. Analyze the results

    Increase your marketing campaign results by monitoring the email campaigns Open Rate, Click Through Rate, Delivery Rate. Try the following programs:

    Keep on improving your email marketing skills with our blog. We weekly publish useful information about digital marketing! What aspects of mass mailing campaign would you like to know next? Write in the comments!
    Written by:
    Miroslava Vavshko
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