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    Applying the Principles of Dating for Successful Email Marketing (Updated)

    by Chintan | InboxArmy
    Dating in email marketing Have you failed to make an impression on your audience via email? Avoid facing heartbreaks by re-strategizing your approach to email marketing and getting back your partner (subscribers). Earn their trust, engage in conversations, find out their preferences and keep thing steady as you cultivate the relationship. Wait a minute.
    Are we still talking about email marketing? Yes, we are! Back in the 90s, ‘You’ve Got Mail’ wasn’t just a romantic comedy. Those words actually encapsulated the excitement web-users felt when they got new emails. This is exactly the kind of thing marketers capitalized on. You might think that the interest in email has worn off with the recent boom of social media marketing. But statistics show that there are approximately
    2.9 billion active users scrolling through their inbox right now.
    That is a target-rich audience right there! That’s why email marketing still holds a secure position in the necessary digital marketing ploys. The only problem is that you are competing against thousands of other emails in the process. Considering the fact that your consumers have an attention span of about 8-seconds, you are looking at a short time frame here.
    Email Subscriber Attention


    So how do swoop in and leave an impression? Catchy taglines, marketing gimmicks and flashy visuals might catch your consumer’s eye. But what they really want is something more profound. That’s the only way to make them your endgame. Lucky for you, we’ve created an effective guide that teaches you how to achieve this feat:

    Step 1: Build on Trust

    The glue that holds all relationships together - including the relationship between the leader and the led - is trust, and trust is based on integrity.

    Brian Tracy

    Flings might start off because of the attraction. But the only way any relationship moves forward is through trust. That is why you can’t expect your target audience to give you their email addresses as soon as they land on your website. You need to earn those contacts by bringing valuable gifts on the table. This could include:
    • Tutorials
    • Informational newsletters
    • Self-help eBooks
    • Discount packages
    • Loyalty cards
    One thing to remember here is that the first email rarely ever leads to a sale. It might sound disappointing at first, but think of it this way: do you expect to ask your date to marry you right after the first date? We hope that you said no to that one! The trick here is to foster this new relationship by adding worthwhile interactions. The more you offer them, the more willing will they be to drop the cash.

    Step 2: Know Their Interests

    The best way to make your special someone happy is by showering them with presents. That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about. But you can see her breaking things off as soon as you gift her a present she doesn’t like. Are we right? Email marketing works on similar rules. Statistics reveal that personalized emails have a higher CTR than generic ones. That is why you should pay close attention to the kind of emails that make an impact on your subscribers. This will help you formulate an email marketing campaign that actually gets opened. One way to do that is by giving them a choice to pick the kind of information they want. It makes micro-segmentation super easy for you. You might even use chatbots to do this job for you! Pro tip: If it feels like you’re drowning in numbers when you start tracking these interests, then you should definitely try hiring a good email marketing tool.

    Step 3: Engage in Conversations

    Should you keep on spamming their inbox with newsletters? No way! That might make you a candidate for the junk pile. If you don’t want to end up there, then it's important to strike up a conversation. Think of this scenario as the equivalent of the date that never let you talk. Instead of bragging about your services or listing down credentials, you should let the customers do the talking sometimes. You see, despite popular belief, email marketing isn’t a one-way street. It actually opens up scope for a proper conversation. That is if you’re willing to interact with the audience. How do you get subscribers to speak to you? This is an extension of the last step. But this time instead of using analytical tools, you ask for direct input. So conduct polls, feedback surveys or detailed reviews. Show them that you’re really invested in getting them what they want out of this relationship. These things help them convey their feelings about your brand. The more questions you ask, the more sales you make. It is as simple as that! Beware: Some conversations might be too brutally honest. But just like you swallowed your pride during a rough fight with the bow, you’ve got to hang in there and let the critics speak.

    Step 4: Slow, Steady and Subtle

    How do you take things forward? Nobody likes a needy partner. You know the one that constantly calls you and asks status updates when you are apart. In a similar stance, web users are not amused by spamming. So it’s safe to say that the constant blast of emails from your end will turn them off. The best way to grow this relationship is by devising a proper email marketing campaign. One that is scheduled to the T. From reminders, sales pitches to newsletters ― you’ve got to lead them on strategically. But a surprise email with discount offers won’t be amiss in this scenario. If things work well, then you’ll soon be able to convert these emails into sales.

    Wrap Up

    Will this work? You be the judge! Try out these core dating principles in your next email marketing campaigns with Atomic Mail Sender and see the magic happen. Trust us all consumers look for in this online correspondence is valuable information and a dash of discounts. Once you’ve figured out the right strategy they will become a constant source of your revenues. Soon enough they will enter the coveted spot of becoming your loyal customers. That is pretty much like walking down the aisle when it comes to online services. Are we right? So what are you waiting for? Go score that date! (Sorry, we mean subscribers!)
    Written by:
    Chintan | InboxArmy
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