Checklist for preparing the Halloween mailing

    by Tatiana Pyrih
    Halloween mailing A wonderful ... oh, a terrible Halloween holiday is coming to us! Have you prepared a suit for yourself? If not, don't worry, it's not the most important thing. But it is important to remember that sales are growing in a mystical way during the Halloween period. At least that's what inexperienced marketers think. But we all know that it is possible to achieve a high level of sales only if you organize your email campaign correctly. And we will share how to do this. We present to your attention a checklist for preparing an email newsletter during a wonderful Halloween period.

    1. Think of an email marketing idea

    Before you send bats to your users, decide what you have for the client. It can be anything, everything depends on your imagination and capabilities. Often the companies offer the following:
    • Discounts.Halloween email sendingLoft, a clothes shop, offers a 50% discount
    • A selection of the most popular Halloween goods.Email for HalloweenRent the Runway, the company which gives an opportunity to rent the dresses and other clothes offers the Halloween costumes
    • Useful tips for celebrating.Halloween emailingLand O’Lakes, the company which produces bakery proposes to the clients to get recipes of Halloween sweets.
    • Bonuses for the orders.Halloween promoThe clothes brand Topman gives bonuses to the customers. The size of the bonus depends on the sum of money the client spends. So, it will motivate purchasers to buy more.
    Once you've decided what to offer your customers, move on to the most interesting part — creating an email campaign.

    2. Come up with a killing subject line

    I think there is no need to explain the importance of the cool subject line. But if you suddenly forgot in the flow of tasks and deadlines, let me clarify that it affects the open rate. If you manage to hook the subscribers with the subject line, they will open emails. And this means that the chances of the target action committing are becoming higher. During Halloween, turn on your creativity by 100%, add the following knowledge to it, and start generating cool subject lines. How to create an effective one:
    • Grab attention with numbers. Use not just bare words, but support them with facts. The numbers attract interest.
    • Don't use spam words. For example, bonuses, discounts, earnings, money, etc. Such phrases immediately recognize spam filters and send emails covered in dust in the Spam folder.
    • Personalize your subject line. This part increases the open rate by 26%.
    • And remember: there is no universal formula. Experiment and take into account the interests of your audience.
    On the eve of Halloween, we collected the top best subject lines:
    1. Citrus Lane Shop: Ready For Halloween? Save 20% Off Costumes
    2. Cadbury: 15% Off All Ghoulish Goodies
    3. The Freelancer: 7 Perfect Halloween Costumes for Freelancers
    4. JCPenney: Scary savings! 20-50% off Monster Sale, Doorbusters & more
    5. Yandy Costumes: Last Chance! $19.95 Saturday Halloween Delivery!
    6. Shutterfly: A Halloween surprise – 101 free prints. 3 days only
    Create your catchy, intriguing, and simply killing subject line that will provide you with a high Open Rate. And by the way, don't forget about emoticons. They also attract the eye of the recipients.

    3. Create a terribly adorable email newsletter design

    The same as with the subject line, we cannot say which design is perfect for your brand. Maybe your subscribers are very superstitious, and emails with bats will only scare them :) But don't worry, we have collected examples of email campaigns for all tastes:
    • Elite department store called Fortnum & MasonHalloween emailThis is a rather scary design. But diluted with humor that a shadow of a mouse looks like a beast at midnight on Halloween.
    • Bettys, the hand-made gifts sellerEmail for HalloweenThey have conveyed the ambience of Halloween in its classic symbol, a pumpkin. But they didn’t just add its signs to the design, but created a full holiday picture with a cake in the shape of a pumpkin.
    • Modcloth, the women clothing shopEmail on HalloweenNot really spooky, but laced with Halloween atmosphere email
    • DogVacay, a dog boarding serviceHalloween mailing campaignAnd this is the cutest email in our compilation. There is nothing scary in this one unlike many other designs. But is it possible for any dog owner to resist the email with the photos of so lovely pets in so sweet costumes?

    4. Implement the most challenging ideas

    I’m sure that after such a selection of examples you already have a vision of email newsletters for Halloween 2020 in your head. So, only one step is left. This is realization in practice. You need a high-quality bulk email tool and some of our tips. We will give you a step-by-step instruction on how to create an email campaign for Halloween with the best Atomic Mail Sender.
    1. Open Atomic Mail Sender and click the "New" button on the taskbar. You can create a new message from scratch:Halloween email marketing campaignOr choose the one out of the free templates: How to create Halloween email How to launch Halloween email marketing campaign
    2. If you want to make the most challenging ideas come true, take the opportunity to insert HTML code. For example, we insert the layout code of the letter into the “HTML source code” tab:Email marketing on Halloween
    This is how the email looks like in HTML code. And the “Email message” tab will look like this: Email marketing for Halloween Simple two steps and your mailing is ready for sending! Choose the best software for the best results.


    Halloween is a great occasion to remind the customers of yourself and increase sales. Remember these simple steps, and recipients will appreciate your efforts in the email:
    1. Make the idea of the offer. Decide what the user will get from you: a discount, a gift or a selection of exciting content.
    2. Come up with a killing subject line. Remember, this is the detail that will determine if your email is opened.
    3. Create a design that your readers will appreciate.
    4. Bring your ideas to life with Atomic Mail Sender.
    The Atomic team wishes you a high conversion in honor of All Saints Day! Profit or reputation :)
    Written by:
    Tatiana Pyrih
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